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The issue of thermal renovation of infrastructure of railway transport is evaluated

UDK 692:[232.4] BBK 38.5

S. S. Shaumarov

The physical impact of the external environment on the formation of the internal microclimate of premises is studied. The mathematical expression of the interaction process with the parameters of the fence outside and inside air is presented. A method for estimating the residual heat-shielding properties of the building envelope on the railways is offered.

Keywords: railroad facilities, air permeability, mathematical model, thermal upgrade.

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School social partnership and board of guardians as a means of pre-professional students education for entrepreneurial activity in the conditions of agribusiness

UDK 373.1.013 BBK 74.200.52 N 503

T. N. Nemirich

The article deals with the problem of  polytechnic content of education, contributing to professional identity of rural students  and involving them in active educational and production processes, obtaining practical experience in the field of agribusiness according to the Concept of development of a continuous agribusiness education in rural territories of the Irkutsk region for the period up to 2020 approved by the order of the Ministry of Education of the Irkutsk region and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Irkutsk region of July 18, 2014 No. №85.

Key words: agribusiness education, agribusiness competence, continuous education, rural development, education, training, educational standards, personal results, metasubject results, subject results.

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The cognitive-matrix analysis of compounds (by the case of the words with BROT AS 2 IC)

UDK 81-139 BBK 81.2-3

V. A. Stepanenko

B. B. Timofeewa

The paper studies compound words with Brot as 2 IC using the cognitive-matrix analysis by N. N. Boldyrev. Our own cognitive matrix was developed based on the data we obtained using the main model.

Keywords: Brot, compound word, cognitive matrix analysis, cognitive matrix.

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Wind influence on the angular stabilization system of the unmanned aerial vehicle

UDK 629.735-519 BBK 39.52С21

A.A. Sanko

L.V. Rozhkov

A.A. Sheinikov

The paper presents a mathematical model of the wind, taking into account it’s gusting part and the steady-state wind acting on a short-range unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in a related coordinate system in an operator form. A comparative analysis of the effect of wind parameters on the total wind velocity vector acting on the UAV has been carried out. The flight pitch autopilot reaction to the wind is considered. The necessity of taking into account the wind speed in the synthesis of autopilot pitch angle for short-range UAVs in landing mode is proved.

Keywords: wind, unmanned aerial vehicle, wind mathematical model, transmission coefficient, transition process.

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Concept Hhaut» in the discourse of the Old and New Testaments

UDK 81-119 BBK 81.2-3

V. A. Stepanenko

A. J. Rjabzowskaja

The article represents an article review of a recent edition titled «Mit heiler Haut. Die Bedeutung der Haut in der Bibel» by Silvia Schroer published in Swiss feminist theological magazine «FAMA» and devoted to study of the concept «HAUT» in the the Old and New Testaments.

Key words: Haut, skin, cor, the Old Testament, the New Testament, ritual purity, ritual impurity. 

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The acquisition of subject-verb agreement by english language learners: the case of third-person singular –s

UDK 372.881.111.1  BBK 74.268.1

A. E. Saraeva

The article provides a potential explanation for the difficulties that English language learners encounter regarding subject-verb agreement from the perspective of Second Language Acquisition (SLA). The attention is drawn to the issue of how research findings can be used to develop some implications for foreign language teaching.

Keywords: Second language acquisition (SLA), second language (L2), morphology, subject-verb agreement, morpheme order studies, English as a foreign language (EFL).

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Gender features in the formation of chinese characters

UDK 811.581’22 BBK 81.711.022

A. A. Prutskikh

T. A. Pruckikh

The uniqueness of Chinese writing, the stages of its development and the ways of forming character allow researchers to penetrate through the history and find the influence of multiple factors on the formation of a “special” Eastern (Chinese) picture of the world. There is no any need to decipher ancient written signs; it opens a direct and maximal objective path to understanding the underlying processes on which Chinese society is based.

Key words: Chinese, characters, semantics, writing.

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Language features of drug slogans

УДК 811.161.1 ББК 81.006 К 592

A. I. Malinina

S. A. Vakhmyanina

The article is devoted to evaluating the effectiveness of drug slogans. The functions of the advertising slogan and the requirements for its creation are analyzed. As a result of generalization, data were obtained on the quality of effective advertising of drugs: non-standard, brevity, memorability, as well as accuracy, clarity and correctness. An experiment is described to verify these-data using a survey of students aged 19–20 years. In the course of the experiment, fragments possessing humor, consistency and euphony were positively evaluated.

Key words: advertising slogan, advertising effectiveness criteria.

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Communication strategies of digital tourism discourse (on the example of the site Office du tourisme de valais)

UDK 327.82 BBK 81.471.1

E. O. Kryuchkova

The article focuses on the ways of using dialogue strategies of digital tourism discourse at the Swiss Francophone website, their influence and means of adaptation to modern social realities. There are characteristics of the Swiss site Office du tourisme de Valais, as strategic and polycode.

Keywords: digital discourse, addressee, addresser, communication strategies, social networks, triggers, hypertext.

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