Problems of civil aviation aircraft maintenance processes in expected operating conditions

UDK 629.7.036.3 BBK 39.15

Kirenchev A. G.

Danilenko N. V.

The article explores the contradictions, problems and methods of maintenance of modern civil aviation aircraft. After increasing the air flow through the engines, a qualitative transition of vortex formation before the air intakes to vortices of blurred intensity was established. New directions for aircraft ground operation when gas turbine engines are running on the ground are suggested. Within the framework of the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization, Aviation Rules and Airworthiness Standards, the contradictions of aircraft ground operation and their engines are investigated and new additions to the Manual on technical operation and repair of aviation equipment in Russian civil aviation are outlined.

Keywords: vortex formation, the role of the underlying surface, gas turbine power plants, Coriolis force, air intake, technical operation, erosive wear.

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