Factor analysis of processes inside an aviation engine combustor as a justification basis for the nomenclature of operational requirements

Skorobogatov S. V.

The requirements for an aircraft engine as a whole are significantly influenced by processes inside its combustor. As justification for the nomenclature of operational requirements is based on some laws of effects of different parameters, it is necessary to carry out a factor analysis of the processes inside the combustor for revealing these laws both without any heat effect on the flow kinetics and with it during fuel combustion. For this purpose, an integrated system of forming external appearance of the research object has to be built and this, in its turn, implies its fragmentation into separate locations and detailed elaboration of the combustor block-diagram piece by piece. Then the results from separate parts have to be matched and integrated into a unified system for coherent configuration of the research object and during calculations this is the system which is under the factor analysis. The factor analysis of both the intermediate and final results of optimization according to the chosen criteria allows justifying the list of operational requirements necessary for the desired level of simulations. The article presents the factor analysis of processes in the inlet of the trapped vortex combustor.

Key words: combustor, aircraft gas-turbine engine, operational requirements, justification of requirements, factor analysis.

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