Peculiarities of vortex interference of air intakes of gas-turbine power plants with the underlying surface

UDK 629.7.036.3 BBK 39.15

Kirenchev A. G.

Danilenko N. V.

The article considers the basic problems of vortex formation phenomenon and its natural and technogenic vortices. A new definition of vortex formation based on the physical essence of the working process is given. The mathematical foundation of the working process of vortex formation is presented with the use of Professor N. E. Zhukovsky’s theorem about the lifting force of the wing, as well as the equation for conservation of the gas movement energy and the Stokes theorem about the equality of the vortex tension and velocity circulation. Due to the analysis of the energy conservation equation the main factors of generation and accumulation of natural and technogenic vortices are revealed. The issue of the determining role of the underlying surface for forming effluent vortices of air intakes of aircraft gas-turbine propulsion systems is investigated. Influence of other external factors on the formation of technogenic vortices is noted. Classification of technogenic vortex formation and its vortices by the essence of the working process is given.

Keywords: vortex formation, technogenic vortices, vortex interference, the role of the underlying surface, gas turbine power plants, mathematical justification of Coriolis force vortices, air intake.

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