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Mobile reading phenomenon: key features

UDK 028:004 BBK 78.07s51

Lozanova L.

The mobility is a significant characteristic of the privacy and public life in the 21st century. Technology developing and access to the mobile devices transforms reading into mobile. The purpose of this article is to present some of the problems facing reading in the 21st century, as well as to explore the characteristics of mobile reading.

Keywords: reading, mobile reading, mobility.

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Technology of manufacturing some elements of a combustion chamber with a lateral system of reverse current area formation

UDK 621.45.022 BBK 39.55

Skorobogatov S. V.

Isaev A. I.

With each passing year, the operational requirements for the aircraft power plants are getting stricter and stricter. The combustion chamber as one of the main parts of an aircraft engine determines the indicators of its efficiency, reliability and environmental compatibility. The indicators can be improved due to taking into account the operational requirements at the stage of designing a combustion chamber.

As the concept of a combustion chamber with a lateral system of reverse current area formation implies presence of a number of thin-walled elements as well as double-curved surfaces, designing a chamber of such construction is a complex engineering problem.

The article describes a technology of manufacturing a combustion chamber of the desired design on an example of experimental model for a chamber stand.

Key words: combustion chamber, aircraft gas-turbine engine, operational features, technology of manufacturing, combustion process.

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Personal bibliographic indexes of the national library «P. R. Slaveikov» (Veliko Tarnovo) (started at the 21st century): comparative analysis

UDK 012 BBK 91.9:7

Kovachev A. M.

The bibliographic research is detailed and systematic review of the thematic orientation in publications of library specialists in the public library „P. R. Slaveikov ”- V. Tarnovo, Bulgaria is performed: the personal bibliographies, research classifications, studies and publications in multiple fields.

Keywords: рersonal bibliographies; PL «P. R. Slaveikov» –V. Tarnovo; 21st century.

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Historical portraying of the concept «personality»

UDK 101.3 BBK 87.6

Nelaeva I. A.

The purpose of this article is to reconstruct the initial, universal image of the concept «Personality» from various fields of humanitarian knowledge (ethnography, philosophy, Christianity, psychology).

Key words: concept «Personality», historical and linguistic portraying of a concept, ethnography, philosophy, Christianity, psychology.

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Peculiarities of vortex interference of air intakes of gas-turbine power plants with the underlying surface

UDK 629.7.036.3 BBK 39.15

Kirenchev A. G.

Danilenko N. V.

The article considers the basic problems of vortex formation phenomenon and its natural and technogenic vortices. A new definition of vortex formation based on the physical essence of the working process is given. The mathematical foundation of the working process of vortex formation is presented with the use of Professor N. E. Zhukovsky’s theorem about the lifting force of the wing, as well as the equation for conservation of the gas movement energy and the Stokes theorem about the equality of the vortex tension and velocity circulation. Due to the analysis of the energy conservation equation the main factors of generation and accumulation of natural and technogenic vortices are revealed. The issue of the determining role of the underlying surface for forming effluent vortices of air intakes of aircraft gas-turbine propulsion systems is investigated. Influence of other external factors on the formation of technogenic vortices is noted. Classification of technogenic vortex formation and its vortices by the essence of the working process is given.

Keywords: vortex formation, technogenic vortices, vortex interference, the role of the underlying surface, gas turbine power plants, mathematical justification of Coriolis force vortices, air intake.

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The defense model of the optronic equipment of tactical unmanned air vehicles against enemy laser technologies

UDK 623.624.2 BBK 32.95

Glushkov A. N.

Marchenko A. V.

The article presents a developed model of a conflict interaction between optronic equipment and functional-kill laser complexes. The model is based on the representation of the conflict as a semi-Markovian stochastic process with a discrete set of states and mathematical formalization of dependence of probabilities of being the “optronic equipment –functional-kill laser complex” system in their ground states on probability and time characteristics of the conflict parties.   The obtained analytical expressions allow the influence of conflicting parties parameters on the conflict winning probability to be defined.

Key words: optronic equipment, laser reconnaissance aid, conflict interaction, state probability, target drop-out, functional-kill laser complex.

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The role of media education in the training of political technologists: the experience of southern federal university

UDK 378.147 BBK 74.58

Titarenko I. N.

The article analyzes the role of media education in the training of political technologists, including such profiles as “Advertising and Public Relations in Politics” and “Political Management and PR-technologies”, implemented in Southern Federal University. The experience of the university in the development of media competence within these profiles is considered.

Keywords: media education, political management, political technologists, mass media, media competence

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Library and information activity as a direction of training of masters for the library industry

UDK 02-051:378.22 BBK 78

Kolesnikova M. N.

The paper describes some results and problems of training of masters in library and information activity on the basis of the Library and Information Department of Saint-Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts. The statistics of the contingent of students for 2011–2019, the percentage of admission and graduation, including the departments of the faculty; the percentage of students with specialized and non-core education; statistics of employment of students of the correspondence course; statistics of citizenship of students, etc. are mentioned. The comparative analysis of statistical data and the main conclusions are presented in the paper. The main problems of recruitment and training of full-time and part-time students, including foreign citizens are identified; the system problems of Master’s programme as the second level of higher education in the library and information industry are identified. The current situation with the development of educational programs in connection with the approval of Federal state educational standard of higher professional education 3++ and its introduction in September 2019 is presented.

Keywords: master’s degree, library and information activity, Saint-Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts, contingent statistics, training problems, educational programs.

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Studying the buryat heroic epic “Geser” at school

UDK 82 (571.54) BBK 83.3 S 57

Sodnomov S. Ts.

The paper discusses the features of the literary development of schoolchildren and the possibility of developing their verbal skills in the process of studying the Buryat heroic epic “Geser” in the Buryat school.

Keywords: literary development in the Buryat language, Buryat heroic epic, the development of verbal skills of schoolchildren, epithet, hyperbole, metaphor, alliterating words, comparison.

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