Methodology and software for modeling the functioning of systems taking into account the characteristics of their reliability at the stages of operation and design

DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2023_1_57

Sergey M. Krivel

Anastasia A. Lebedeva

Alexandra B. Spasibko

Abstract. The work is devoted to the creation of universal software for the development of computer models of systems that allow studying the parameters and characteristics of the reliability of systems based on the structural scheme of reliability, and the methodological principles of using the proposed software in the analysis of the operational properties of systems in their design. The software is an application (Toolbox) of the Simulink dynamic modeling system. Algorithms and programs are unified, grouped by purpose, designed to form mathematical and computer models of complex structural reliability systems. The proposed software allows performing a computational experiment to analyze reliability characteristics and to evaluate the effectiveness of measures to improve the reliability of technical and technological systems; it is enough to simply modify mathematical models; organize a software interface; process simulation results. The features of the software make it possible to effectively change both the characteristics and reliability parameters of the system elements and the structure of the interrelationships of the system elements from the point of view of the reliability of the entire system as a whole. The paper provides an example of using the software.

Keywords: SIMULINK, MATLAB, reliability, methods for calculating reliability parameters, reliability block diagrams, reliability of technical systems, reliability of technological systems, reliability of machines.

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