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Strategy of authorization in the english language interpretative discourse

DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2023_1_195

Nadezhda N. Kazydub

Anastasia E. Bazarova

Abstract. The article explores some methods of actualizing one of the legitimation strategies, namely, authorization, in the English language interpretative discourse. As an example of such a discourse the interpretation of the ancient Indian text “Bhagavad-gita” suggested by the translator and commentator is studied. The article features a number of categories used for authorization in this discourse and outlines methods of actualizing the authorization strategy: using modal operators and precedent names, metaphorization, analogy.

Keywords: linguistic interpretation, axiological strategies, values legitimation, authorization, Bhagavad-gita.

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Assessment of adverse conditions for helicopter pilotage

DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2023_1_42

Elena I. Trusova

Alexandra L. Rybalkina

Nikolay I. Nikolaykin

Abstract. The results of the analysis of negative aviation events caused by difficult weather conditions are presented; it is statistically confirmed that this predominantly occurs with helicopters. The influence of environmental factors on the piloting of aircraft is overviewed, the mechanism of such influence is explained; an analysis of earlier studies is given. The possibility to reduce the piloting risks by preliminary assessment of the adverse weather risks is shown. For the planned helicopter flights, a method of preliminary compensation of environmental influence is proposed.

Keywords: weather conditions, risk assessment methodology, flight safety, helicopter.

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To the 100th anniversary of the national civil aviation. The pages of aviation history and aviation education in Irkutsk

Oleg N. Astrakhantsev

Oleg A. Gorbachev

Abstract. The article highlights issues related to the history of the formation and development of the national civil aviation. The main points related to the development of aviation and aviation educations in Irkutsk are considered. The socio-economic and political conditions with the main stages of the national civil aviation development are shown. Information about aviation educational institutions training personnel for civil aviation is provided.

Keywords: civil aviation, air fleet, aircraft, aviation equipment, Irkutsk, aviation personnel, pilot, air lines.

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Digital reputation of the scientific community: website of the french academy

DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2023_1_234

Larisa G. Vikulova

Olga I. Korolenko

Irina V. Makarova

Abstract. The article deals with the problem of the digital reputation of the scientific community on the example of the website of the French Academy, through which the reputation of an authoritative institution is formed. It is noted that the trust and reputation of the Academy are created at the expense of scientific achievements, which since the XVII century, in particular, the French Academy has received the privilege and exclusive right to publish the works of its members on the basis of its own decisions, without censorship. It is proved that the consequence of such an innovation was intra-institutional censorship and the development of the concept of “scientific reputation”, when the main regulator are the concepts of self-censorship and the honor of a scientist. It is noted that the reputation of a member of the French Academy, represented on its website, is not only the fame, scientific recognition of the academician among colleagues, but also a guarantee of the reliability of his own statements or the statements of those who highly value him in society. It is emphasized that an important component of the identity of the scientific community, including in the diachronic projection, is its image portrait, formed on the website of the French Academy, which reflects the activities and value orientations of the status scientific institution.

Keywords: digital reputation, scientific community, French academy, website, identity, image.

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Confirmation of ADS-B messages by aircraft flight altitude

DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2023_1_118

Alexander P. Plyasovskih

Evgeny A. Rubtsov

Andrey S. Kalintsev

Vladislav Y. Davidenko

Abstract. Proposed the method for confirming ADS-B data based on the analysis of information about the aircraft altitude and atmospheric parameters. To confirm the reliability of ADS-B messages, proposed to compare the geometric height obtained from satellite navigation system data with the height calculated for the real atmosphere (based on information from the meteorological service on pressure and temperature). To implement the proposed methodology, required the following input data: pressure at the level of the weather station, temperature at the level of the weather station and at flight altitudes, and data on geometric and barometric altitudes transmitted in the ADS message. It has been established that the greatest error in the calculations is introduced by the temperature at the aircraft flight altitude. In order to reduce the influence of errors in determining the temperature, proposed to use data from weather balloons. With developed methodology, a calculation was performed using real altitude data transmitted in the ADS-B message and the required data from the meteorological service. Messages received from the ADS-B ground station NS-1A manufactured by JSC VNIIRA, which is installed at the Mezen airfield, were used. The developed methodology is proposed to be used to confirm ADS-B data at regional aerodromes with low flight intensity.

Key words: ADS-B, weather balloon, barometric altitude, geometric altitude, pressure, temperature, Laplace formula, ISA.

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The experience of technical operation of air data inertial reference system of A-320 aircraft

DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2023_1_134

Alexander L. Kivokurtsev

Oleg A. Sokolov

Alexander Yu. Yurin

Abstract. The article presents the experience of technical operation of the air data inertial reference system (ADIRS) both on real aircraft in airlines and on a procedure trainer during the “Simulator training” practice at a university. The features of the ADIRS construction are considered, its central role as the main source of flight and navigation information in the composition of the integrated onboard complex is shown. The main method of technical operation of the system under consideration is “on-condition” operation, i.e. operation until a dangerous failure occurs that can affect flight safety.

Through full-scale experiments based on the analysis of the system performance in real conditions typical failures are shown, emergency situations and possibility of system reconfiguration are considered. In the presence of a procedure trainer it is possible through experiments to study the features of the system operation, to develop a methodology for identifying and eliminating some failures.

The article proposes to use a continuous training system, consisting of three stages, when training aviation specialists. The first stage is a discussion of the construction features, the experience of technical operation of the systems under study at a local scientific and practical conference. The second is performing practical tasks for the systems under study on a procedure trainer. The third is conducting the technical operation work on the real aircraft systems.

Keywords: Air Data Inertial Reference System (ADIRS), Air Data Reference (ADR), Inertial Reference (IR), strapdown inertial navigation system (SINS), technical operation experience, “on-condition” technical operation, aviation specialists’ training, continuous training system.

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Metalanguage in modern german fairy tales for adults in dialect

DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2023_1_251

Vera B. Merkuryeva

Natal’ya S. Novolodskaya

Abstract. The object of the article is mostly modern german humorous fairy tales for adults in dialect. Thoughts on the language, clarification of language points, comments on some lexemes, grammatical and stylistic phenomena are typical for all german-speaking writers working in different genres. A modern author’s fairy tale as a type of text also reflects the interest of its authors in certain linguistic points. The article analyzes examples of metalanguage, metacommunication in dialect about dialect, as well as in some cases about literary or foreign-language inclusions.  Various pragmatic effects created by metalanguage passages within the textotype of the fairy tale are studied.

Keywords: dialect, standard language, author’s fairy tale for adults, metalanguage, metacommunication, humor.

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Use of LoRa modulation in radio communication, navigation and surveillance aids for performing air traffic control tasks

DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2023_1_77

Muslim A. Mezhetov

Boris V. Lezhankin

Anna I. Tikhova

Ulyana S. Vakhrusheva 

Abstract. The paper considers the use of LoRa technology in the data transfer system for performing aircraft position-fixing by means of the network of multilateration ground stations. The urgency of the problem is that the methods used for transferring data do not meet the requirements for safety and security of the transmitted information so such systems are not protected against unauthorized access. The information transmitted is strategically important for performing air traffic management tasks on the territory of the Russian Federation. Unauthorized access can result in intercepting and spoofing the coordinate information of aircraft location. This is possible only in exceptional circumstances which lead to reduction in flight safety and transition of flight incidents to flight accidents. The security of transmitted information can be improved by applying noise-like signals which ensure better security indexes of transmitted signals and possess higher jamming resistance. A new LoRa technology of transferring data is widespread nowadays. The technology is based on the linear frequency modulation which has been used in radar systems for several decades.  The paper presents the algorithm of operating the multilateration data transfer system and its hardware-in-the-loop simulation implemented as a virtual device.

Key words: Linear frequency modulation, multilateration surveillance system, LoRa technology.

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Methodology and software for modeling the functioning of systems taking into account the characteristics of their reliability at the stages of operation and design

DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2023_1_57

Sergey M. Krivel

Anastasia A. Lebedeva

Alexandra B. Spasibko

Abstract. The work is devoted to the creation of universal software for the development of computer models of systems that allow studying the parameters and characteristics of the reliability of systems based on the structural scheme of reliability, and the methodological principles of using the proposed software in the analysis of the operational properties of systems in their design. The software is an application (Toolbox) of the Simulink dynamic modeling system. Algorithms and programs are unified, grouped by purpose, designed to form mathematical and computer models of complex structural reliability systems. The proposed software allows performing a computational experiment to analyze reliability characteristics and to evaluate the effectiveness of measures to improve the reliability of technical and technological systems; it is enough to simply modify mathematical models; organize a software interface; process simulation results. The features of the software make it possible to effectively change both the characteristics and reliability parameters of the system elements and the structure of the interrelationships of the system elements from the point of view of the reliability of the entire system as a whole. The paper provides an example of using the software.

Keywords: SIMULINK, MATLAB, reliability, methods for calculating reliability parameters, reliability block diagrams, reliability of technical systems, reliability of technological systems, reliability of machines.

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Students and urban public transport (by the example of Volgograd)

DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2023_1_155

Raisa M. Petruneva

Abstract. The article analyzes the results of two independent sociological surveys of students of Volgograd State Technical University and other major state universities of the city. The purpose of the research is to identify the problems of urban public transport and study students’ requests for this urban life sphere. This problem affects not only the current students’ interests, but also applicants just making their professional path choice. And quite often this choice is predetermined by transport availability of higher education institution. Today, Volgograd students make up almost a quarter of the active working-age population, so their requests for transport services are quite logical and legitimate. Such research has not been conducted in Volgograd before. According to the results of the study it was determined that most of the students have to get to the university with transfers, and the updated today transport scheme of the city creates even more difficulties in movement due to increasing time and financial costs.

Keywords: urban public transportation, students’ opinions on transportation, unmanned city bus.

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