Analysis of ergonyms of women’s clothing stores in Kirov

UDK 811.161.1 BBK 81.006 K 592

Izotova V. A.

Korotkova A. V.

The paper explores the ergonyms of women’s clothing stores. The authors wonder what caused the choice of words when creating an ergonym, and how effective this choice is. The popularity of foreign ergonyms in this area of naming is noted. The attractiveness of collected ergonyms is verified by experiment (by polling the opinions of representatives of the youth audience). The conclusion is made about the popularity of ergonyms-transliterated Russian words and names of foreign origin in the youth environment, not any, but the most understandable ones that do not require in-depth knowledge of source languages.

Key words: ergonyms, transliterated ergonyms, lingual creative means.

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