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Pragmatics of numerals in weather report

DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2021_1_199

Julija V. Ilina

This article is devoted to the role of numerals in the daily life of French society. The research material included texts containing meteorological data. The conducted analysis allowed to reveal two major functions of the numeral: exact indication (accuracy) and approximate value (approximation).

Key words: numeral; weather reports; accuracy category; approximation category.

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Euro as a semiotic object

Krasovskaya E. A.

The article is devoted to the Euro as a semiotic object. Its federal purpose is a symbolic representation of the European Union. It confirms that this monetary unit acts as a cultural sign that visualizes the unity of Europe and continuity in the semioticization of culture from Antiquity to the present.

Key words: euro, semiotic object, cultural sign.

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Formation of the french diplomacy as soft power

Semenova I. N.

The article describes France diplomacy in the framework of «soft power» policy and highlights the stages of its formation. The key measures taken by France in the context of the «soft power» policy are given. Such measures include promotion of the French language, support of educational and scientifically technical processes, promoting development of social diplomacy, maintenance and improvement of international relations. The article raises the question of the functioning of the cultural-humanitarian country cooperation system and methods of using its tools.

Key words: French diplomacy, «soft power», cultural policy, francophonie.

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The Belgian edition «Alternatives théâtrales» in the media communicative space

Minkova V. E.

This work analyzes the content of the Belgian magazine Alternatives théâtrales. The goals of the magazine, its objectives and representation in the media communicative space have been analyzed. The 87th issue on the topic «Stanislavski/Tchekhov», dedicated to the work of Russian directors, has also been analyzed. It is noted that Alternatives théâtrales magazine is a relevant and unique magazine that covers various aspects of the modern world theater.

Key words: media, the media discours, magazine, theatre.

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“Soft power” as a foreign policy tool of France and Japan

Baum E. P.

The article describes the similarities and differences in the approach to the “soft power” strategy in France and Japan. It also proves the important role of the embassy website, where a significant discourse is carried out in order to create a positive image of the country. It is concluded that the site is used as a foreign policy instrument that influences the country’s image on the world political arena.

Key words: image-making, influence tools, culture, embassy website.

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Business letter in an electronic intercultural communication

Dyachenko M. P.

The article deals with the phenomenon of the contemporary written business communication, demonstrates a relevance of the research of a business written communication topic in the framework of different approaches towards the investigation of a business letter and peculiarities of its electronic variety in the multicultural communication in a commerce domain.

Key words: business letter, electronic business letter, business written communication, document, text, business discourse.

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The french encyclopedia Le petit larousse des enfants de 0 a 3 ans as a social demanded genre

UDK 811.13 BBK 81.471.1

Filippova T. I.

The article is devoted to the encyclopedia Le petit Larousse des enfants de 0 à 3 ans, which was published by one of the most famous French publishing houses Librairie Larousse. The article describes the structure of this encyclopedia, also it highlights its sections and focuses on the analysis of the preface, given that there is information about the recipient and the key aim of establishment of this book.

Keywords: encyclopedia, Larousse, preface, parents, child.

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Analysis of ergonyms of women’s clothing stores in Kirov

UDK 811.161.1 BBK 81.006 K 592

Izotova V. A.

Korotkova A. V.

The paper explores the ergonyms of women’s clothing stores. The authors wonder what caused the choice of words when creating an ergonym, and how effective this choice is. The popularity of foreign ergonyms in this area of naming is noted. The attractiveness of collected ergonyms is verified by experiment (by polling the opinions of representatives of the youth audience). The conclusion is made about the popularity of ergonyms-transliterated Russian words and names of foreign origin in the youth environment, not any, but the most understandable ones that do not require in-depth knowledge of source languages.

Key words: ergonyms, transliterated ergonyms, lingual creative means.

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Language features of drug slogans

УДК 811.161.1 ББК 81.006 К 592

A. I. Malinina

S. A. Vakhmyanina

The article is devoted to evaluating the effectiveness of drug slogans. The functions of the advertising slogan and the requirements for its creation are analyzed. As a result of generalization, data were obtained on the quality of effective advertising of drugs: non-standard, brevity, memorability, as well as accuracy, clarity and correctness. An experiment is described to verify these-data using a survey of students aged 19–20 years. In the course of the experiment, fragments possessing humor, consistency and euphony were positively evaluated.

Key words: advertising slogan, advertising effectiveness criteria.

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Communication strategies of digital tourism discourse (on the example of the site Office du tourisme de valais)

UDK 327.82 BBK 81.471.1

E. O. Kryuchkova

The article focuses on the ways of using dialogue strategies of digital tourism discourse at the Swiss Francophone website, their influence and means of adaptation to modern social realities. There are characteristics of the Swiss site Office du tourisme de Valais, as strategic and polycode.

Keywords: digital discourse, addressee, addresser, communication strategies, social networks, triggers, hypertext.

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