Library and information activity as a direction of training of masters for the library industry

UDK 02-051:378.22 BBK 78

Kolesnikova M. N.

The paper describes some results and problems of training of masters in library and information activity on the basis of the Library and Information Department of Saint-Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts. The statistics of the contingent of students for 2011–2019, the percentage of admission and graduation, including the departments of the faculty; the percentage of students with specialized and non-core education; statistics of employment of students of the correspondence course; statistics of citizenship of students, etc. are mentioned. The comparative analysis of statistical data and the main conclusions are presented in the paper. The main problems of recruitment and training of full-time and part-time students, including foreign citizens are identified; the system problems of Master’s programme as the second level of higher education in the library and information industry are identified. The current situation with the development of educational programs in connection with the approval of Federal state educational standard of higher professional education 3++ and its introduction in September 2019 is presented.

Keywords: master’s degree, library and information activity, Saint-Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts, contingent statistics, training problems, educational programs.

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