Organization of work with young people: current trends in development, enriching and expanding educational content and strengthening image support (by means of the example of taganrog institute named after A.P. Chekhov, branch of the Rostov state university of economics, Russian federation)

UDK 316.77:001.8 BBK С55.325.1:С55.57с

A. Ju. Goloborodko

I. V. Chelysheva

Key vectors and prospective development paths of “Organization of work with young people” training program are discussed in the article. The uniqueness of the master program “Organization of Work with Young People in the Sphere of Culture and Mass Communication” consists in the active inclusion of the media educational component in the system of training future masters, providing theoretical and practical training of students for professional activities. The authors also presented the organizational components of high school graduates vocational guidance with the inclusion of the media education and media culture study.

Keywords: organization of work with young people, media education, master study, media schools.

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