The relationship between evaluation and self-assessment in the training of future pedagogues

DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2022_4_172

Marina P. Tselykh

Annotation. The article deals with the issues of relationship between evaluation and self-assessment in the training of future teachers. It was found that the learning process as a complex unity of the teacher and students activities is closely related to aspects and procedures of the evaluation.

It is argued that pedagogical reflection and the self-assessment ability are significant components of professionalism and the key for its formation and further development. It is noted that learning activity can be increased by specially selected types of work and tasks oriented students to the manifestation of independence, self-expression, introspection, as well as involvement in the educational process.

The results of a survey and fragments of assignments in pedagogical disciplines of the students of the pedagogical university became the material for empirical analysis. It is concluded that the creation of correlation conditions between assessment and self-assessment in the learning process, the use of methods focused on the awareness of students of their status as active subjects of cognition, contributes to the formation of pedagogical reflection and involves students in the process of professional formation improving generally the quality of pedagogical education.

As a result, students are able to acquire and develop competencies not only of the reproductive, but also of the reconstructive and research type.

Keywords: self-assessment, pedagogical reflection, professional training of the teacher.

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