Legislative regulation of educational work with young people in the higher educational organization

DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2023_3_198

Alexandra S. Seredkina

Abstract. In the article, the author examines the Russian federal regulatory framework regulating the state policy of youth movements, mechanisms for organizing and implementing educational work with young people in educational institutions of higher education, as well as legislative support for the implementation of intellectual education in higher education. The author’s view of the Russian legislation in the field of youth policy and higher education is presented, taking into account the possibilities of the digital educational environment and the need for pedagogical support of talented youth. The article analyzes the legal regulation in the higher education system of such a phenomenon as talented youth. Attention is focused on the need to implement procedures for the formation and development of intellectual education of pedagogical Institute students’ personality. The prerequisites for the integration of the process of intellectual education of students of higher educational institutions into the digital educational environment are formulated. The paper is devoted to the content analysis of the challenges associated with the state order for the education of a fundamentally new generation and the introduction of large-scale digitalization in the Russian education system. The prerequisites for the potential of the digital educational environment in relation to new educational conditions are outlined. The paper concludes that modern processes of personality education require some adjustments of the teacher’s competencies and the formation of intellectual education of students of higher education.

Key words: youth, pedagogical support, educational work, intellectual education, higher school, educational activities, modern educational technologies.

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