School social partnership and board of guardians as a means of pre-professional students education for entrepreneurial activity in the conditions of agribusiness

UDK 373.1.013 BBK 74.200.52 N 503

T. N. Nemirich

The article deals with the problem of  polytechnic content of education, contributing to professional identity of rural students  and involving them in active educational and production processes, obtaining practical experience in the field of agribusiness according to the Concept of development of a continuous agribusiness education in rural territories of the Irkutsk region for the period up to 2020 approved by the order of the Ministry of Education of the Irkutsk region and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Irkutsk region of July 18, 2014 No. №85.

Key words: agribusiness education, agribusiness competence, continuous education, rural development, education, training, educational standards, personal results, metasubject results, subject results.

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