The peculiarities of the language of russian germans (a case study of fairy tales by N. Wacker)

DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2023_3_213

Vera B. Merkuryeva

Abstract. In the article, using the examples from Nellie Wacker’s fairy tales, which were published by a Kazakh publishing house in 1995, when the author was already living in Cologne (Germany), the originality of the language of Russian Germans is demonstrated. The article represents a certain contribution to the development of linguopersonology. The bilingual author consciously, and sometimes unconsciously, includes examples from the field of grammar, vocabulary, semantics and stylistics in the texts of fairy tales. All of them arose as a result of the contact of the two languages: German and Russian, as well as the processes of interference, and the consequences of the influence of the Russian language on the German one. All examples are confirmed by native German speakers and are clear evidence of the artistic bilingualism of Russian Germans.

Keywords: language contacts, bilingualism, literary bilingualism, bilingual literary text, interfering influence, Russianisms, fairy tale.

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