Development of university students’ civic culture on the material of russian social drama films

DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2021_4_180

Galina V. Mikhaleva

Abstract. The article discusses the technologies and methods of conducting university classes with the elements of film education that contribute to promoting students’ civic engagement based on Russian social drama films. The main research method is a critical analysis of audiovisual media texts about acute social problems of our time, including the analysis of the social stereotypes representations, character analysis, plot analysis and ethical analysis of media representations. Film education allows one to meet some specific educational objectives when viewing and analysing social drama films in the student audience, which are as follows: developing university students’ critical skills in analysing audiovisual media texts, including social stereotypes; teaching students to reasonably defend their life and civic positions, and attitudes to various social challenges of our time; cultivating spiritual and moral values, awareness of national and state identity among young people; fostering civic culture and responsibility; encouraging models of constructive behaviour in various difficult life situations, including problematic and conflict situations; inspiring a strong feeling of rejection of antisocial and disruptive behaviour among young people.

Keywords: civic engagement, civic culture, social drama, university students, film education, audiovisual media text, social stereotype, media representation, civic education, civic competence, critical analysis.

The reported study was funded by RFBR and EISR, project number 21-011-31036.

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