Secondary author-focused text as a primary source-text projection

UDC 81 BBK 80

Ukanakova N. V.

The aim of the paper is to suggest analyzing secondary author-focused texts for the purposes of text perception and production research. The main results of the research concern the cognitive model of the text projection forming process which is applied to the production of secondary author-focused texts. The latter ones are looked upon as material realizations of reader’s (or viewer’s) text projections. Correlations between strategies, tactics of text projection forming process and cognitive operation type for interpreting information acquired by the reader are described. Suggested practical implications of the research include developing general cognitive model of text perception and text production. Secondary author-focused texts and their peculiarities aimed at preserving the author’s image in the procreated text require further exploration.

Keywords: text perception and production strategies; cognitive model, hypermediality; secondary (product) author-focused text.

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