Strategies of newspaper tolerance discourse in Belarus, UK and USA

DOI 10.51955/23121327_2022_2_50

Anna A. Biyumena

Abstract. The paper focuses on the objects, topics and strategies of newspaper tolerance discourse in the English-language press in the United Kingdom and the USA and the Russian and Belarusian-language press in the Republic of Belarus. The key research method is discourse analysis that reveals relations between the media text and social context. The results of the research show that the objects of the English-language tolerance discourse base on gender, racial and sexual identity, while in the Belarusian media discourse, tolerance envelops ethnicity, age and psychophysical characteristics. The study exposes discursive strategies of the newspaper tolerance discourse – strategies of compassion, positive positioning, solidarity and information. It was revealed that these strategies are used in the English-language and Belarusian press in relation to different social groups. The results provide an opportunity for further studies into the tolerance discourse in various cultures and languages.

Key words: media discourse, press, tolerance, solidarity, discrimination, identity

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