Verbal and non-verbal attractive elements of the web-sites of english luxury hotels (by the example of the Dorchester hotel website)

DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2023_2_78 

Larisa G. Vikulova

Evgeniya A. Elizarova

Abstract. The article is devoted to the study of the attractive features of the websites of English luxury hotels. The website of The Dorchester Hotel in London is used as an example. This hotel is one of the most prestigious and premium priced hotels of the UK. The official web-site is the main way of communication between the potential guest and the hotel. That’s why the content of the hotel site is the necessary requirement to persuade a person to become a real guest. The article shows different verbal elements that can be attractive for potential guests such as emotional and expressive vocabulary (bespoke luxury, deluxe, executive, etc.), the superlative degree of adjectives (the most iconic, the best, etc.), lexical units referring to hotel business (the gold standard of care, the perfect room for your every need, etc.) A lot of ways of non-verbal communicative elements are used to attract the potential guests’ attention. However, different photos of the luxurious interiors of the hotel and the famous guests are the main semiotic sign for the discerning client. 

Key words: website, hotel, potential guest, addressee, addresser, lexical units, non-verbal units.

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