Noutions and categories of functional grammar

UDC 811.512.122’36 BBK 81.63.24-2

Alkebaeva D. A.

At present the functionality of the modern Kazakh language requires considering from the viewpoint of the actual anthropological paradigm. The modern scientific research should focus on functionality. In the general theory of language the comprehensive research of functional grammar was conducted. For more thorough, deep exploration of the scientific concepts related to the notions and categories of functional grammar one must pay attention to their ontological foundation. Modern sciences are in the near-border area and have a lot of common points. Basic fundamental categories and concepts of functional grammar derive from philosophical concepts. The human factor in the language serves to apply the knowledge of reality through thinking and linguistic consciousness which are, in turn, necessary for the construction of speech by grammar laws. In the speech act the basis of a speaker’s informative representations of reality is generated. The article reviews the subject, concepts, categories and scientific concepts of functional grammar the basis of which is in the philosophical ontology.

Key words: the theory of speech acts, being, categories and notions of functional grammar, functional-semantic field, categorical situation.

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