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Off-road transport and cargo security

UDC 629.118 BBK 39.0

Martin VlkovskýKateřina PochobradskáPavel Foltin

The paper deals with cargo security in regards to specific (off-)road conditions and normative assumption. The importance to know real size of inertial forces for the securing cargo is discussed. On an illustrative example, based on relevant technical standards, the possible deviations of real size of the inertial force (acceleration coefficients) with presumed are compared.

Key words: off-road transport; material handling, cargo security; inertial forces; acceleration coefficients

Martin Vlkovský, Kateřina Pochobradská, Pavel Foltin

Brno, Česká republika


Článek se zabývá zajištěním nákladu v souvislosti se specifickými podmínkami při silniční přepravě (i mimo komunikace) a předpoklady uvedenými v technických normách. Rozebírá význam znalosti setrvačných sil pro volbu fixačního prostředku a způsobu upevnění. Na ilustrativním příkladu jsou porovnány možné odchylky skutečných hodnot setrvačných sil (koeficientů zrychlení) s předpokládanými, které vychází z příslušných norem.

Klíčová slova: terénní přeprava; manipulace s materiálem; zajištění nákladu; setrvačné síly; koeficienty zrychlení.

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Speech behaviour of Russian media critics (based on their published research works and journalistic articles)*

UDC 81-139 BBK 81.411.2-5

Seliverstova L. N., Levitskaya A. A.

The article presents some research results of prominent Russian media critics’ speech behaviour (K. Razlogov, A. Korochensky, R. Bakanov) based on the method of a modified content analysis of their scientific texts and journalistic articles within the framework of implicit pragmatic linguistics. On the basis of quantitative data the fragments of speech portraits critics’ are compiled. Features of their verbal behavior stemming from individual experiences and speech -related standards of journalistic and scientific genres, as well as based on their personal characteristics, are specified.

Key words: media criticism, media education, speech behaviour, pragmalinguistics, speech strategy, speech portrait.

* This article is written within the framework of a study supported by the grant of the Russian Science Foundation (RSF). Project № 14-18-00014 “Synthesis of media education and media criticism in the preparation of future teachers”, performed at Taganrog Management and Economics Institute.

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Exhibition activities within the training system of the future designer (by work experience of SBIVE IR ICAT&RC)

UDC 37.014 BBK 85.31

Chenskih A. D.

The article deals with the experience of training in State Budgetary Institution of Vocational Education of the Irkutsk Region “Irkutsk College of Automobile Transport and Road Construction” with a specialization in “Design” by means of exhibition activities.

Key words: exhibition activity, training, the future designer, the educational process, exhibition, self-expression.

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Career–guidance at the current stage of the development of secondary vocational education (by work experience of SBIVE IR ICAT&RC)

UDC 378(045) BBK 74.200

Marinchenko D. N.

The author shares his experience in career-guidance of «Irkutsk College of Automobile Transport and Road Construction». In the article the results of the study of motives of the applicants are presented. The author also suggests the modern concept of pre-professional orientation of young people which is based on the study of their needs and includes the effective forms of career guidance.

Key words: career guidance, pre-professional orientation, profession, professional education, choice of profession.

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Organization of pupils’ free work by means of new information and telecommunication technologies

UDC 378.02 BBK 74.202

Shmonina N. N.

The article deals with modern approaches to organize pupils’ free work at English lessons according to the purposes and requires of National (Federal) Education Standards by means of new information and telecommunication technologies, that can enlarge traditional methods to manage and control free work. It shows new information and telecommunication technologies as a form to organize pupils’ free work, they have huge didactic potential and focus not only on subject, but also metasubject and personal results. According to the concept of National (Federal) Education Standards, subject, metasubject and personal results of studying cannot be separated from each other, they are a triune issue of modern education, so it is necessary to organize pupils’ free work according to these new trends of modern education.

Keywords: free work, pupils, English lessons, information technologies, telecommunication technologies, National (Federal) Education Standards, subject results, metasubject results, personal results.

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Independent work of students in the information educational environment

UDC 004.738.5 BBK 32.973.202

Baranova V. I.

The article is devoted to the topic of modern information and learning environment. It is based on data of application forms, interchanges conducted among the students of Irkutsk College of Automobile Transport and Road Construction. The main purpose of the study was to collect and analyze data about the educational Internet resources (portals, websites, e-libraries) which students use to prepare their homework and find out the problems associated with the difficulties of choosing the right content in the modern information environment. The article is also provided information about the specificity of students ‘ independent work in the global educational space.

Keywords: independent work of students, information educational environment, educational Internet resources, Internet portals, educational websites, digital libraries, etc.

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Tools of making diagnostic decisions on aircraft equipment under uncertainty and risk

UDC 338.45 BBK 65.9.050

Chokoj V. Z.

Currently, some Russian airlines face certain difficulties both in economics and in flight safety. This is caused by, among other things, insufficient operating reliability of aviation equipment and certain problems in issues of aircraft diagnostics. First of all this concerns the well-timed correct technical diagnosis of aircraft with short residual life as well as new types of aircraft for which airlines don’t have enough maintenance experience.

The article considers computer tools which enable to make decisions on the current technical condition of aircraft equipment taking into account actual conditions and technical policy of the airlines. The mathematical apparatus of the proposed tools is based on the sequential Wald-type analysis, Bayesian treatment, criteria of statistic decisions.

Key words: reliability, technical diagnosis, aviation equipment, sequential analysis, Bayesian treatment, statistic decisions.

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Tools of non-parametric estimate of aircraft equipment reliability with censored data

UDC 338.45 BBK 65.9.050

Chokoj V. Z.

Economic difficulties in air transportation in Russia over the recent years as well as particular problems of flight safety require exploring and actuating latent reserves of efficiency. One of the reserves can be real control of operation reliability of aircraft and ground-based elements of air transport systems. The control proposes solving the problems one of which is correct software formation for reliability multiple-aspect estimate with incomplete censored data. The estimate involves a certain problem especially for the staff having insufficient mathematical and computer training. The article announces the packet of tool skins for non-parametric estimate of reliability by means of ECM.

Key words: reliability, reliability indices, aircraft equipment, non-parametric estimate, censored data

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Cheongsam`s evolution under the influence of Western culture

UDC 391.2:687.12 BBK 63.5(3)

Zalevskaya Y. S.

This article examines transformation of the national women’s costume – «cheongsam» in different historical periods, defines the role of European culture in its evolution and future development prospects of traditional dress as an object of cultural heritage.

Key words: cheongsam; evolution; women’s clothing; China; European fashion; traditional dress.

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