Francien dialect and scripta: features of franciеn scripta

DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2021_2_108

Lydia A. Stanovaïa

Abstract. The corpus of franciеn manuscripts is sufficient for an in-depth study of the francien scripta. The paradoxical opinion of certain researchers affirming the total absence of written attestations of Francien, is linked to the imperfect and often discutable localization of several French manuscripts, including franciens. The important features of franciеn scripta are the following: (1) coexistence of two scriptural norms (etymological and analogical) of the graphic representation of the nominal declension; (2) homogeneity of language usage, ensured by the majority use of franciеn Forms; (3) respect of protographs that franciеn copyists modified with moderation.

Keywords: history of the French language; historical dialectology; scriptology; dialect; scriptа.

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