Preschool education and criminal law: relationship between concepts

DOI 10.51955/23121327_2022_2_183

Ekaterina Z. Sidorova

Abstract. The author of the article addresses an unusual topic. In this paper, an attempt was made to correlate such social institutions as preschool education and criminal law. The author analyzes these concepts and in the research process concludes that these institutions have certain points of contact. In order to identify the general level of preschool teachers’ knowledge of the basics of criminal law, the author conducted a survey among educators and came to the conclusion that in most cases educators do not even have a general idea of what criminal law is, how important it is to know about the types of criminal penalties and how exactly knowledge about criminal law can help an educator in his work. In our opinion, knowledge of the basics of criminal law is necessary for the educator and, undoubtedly, will help him in performing his professional functions. Knowing about the negative consequences that may occur if a teacher commits a crime, including in relation to his pupil, an educator will be more attentive and responsible to his work duties.

Keywords: education system, criminal law, preschool education, interdisciplinary communication, criminal responsibility, teachers, educators, rights of pupils, rights and duties of children.

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