Tools of making diagnostic decisions on aircraft equipment under uncertainty and risk

UDC 338.45 BBK 65.9.050

Chokoj V. Z.

Currently, some Russian airlines face certain difficulties both in economics and in flight safety. This is caused by, among other things, insufficient operating reliability of aviation equipment and certain problems in issues of aircraft diagnostics. First of all this concerns the well-timed correct technical diagnosis of aircraft with short residual life as well as new types of aircraft for which airlines don’t have enough maintenance experience.

The article considers computer tools which enable to make decisions on the current technical condition of aircraft equipment taking into account actual conditions and technical policy of the airlines. The mathematical apparatus of the proposed tools is based on the sequential Wald-type analysis, Bayesian treatment, criteria of statistic decisions.

Key words: reliability, technical diagnosis, aviation equipment, sequential analysis, Bayesian treatment, statistic decisions.

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