Extraction of run-up signals in systems of information communication in VDL-2 mode

UDC 621.396.74 BBK 39.571.5

Mezhetov M. A., Turincev S. V.

Air-to-air and air-to-ground automated data exchange systems are increasingly common. Automated data exchange (ADE) in such systems is conducted in VHF band with the use of VDL-2 или VDL-4 modes. The design of ADE receivers implies a clock sync (CS) circuit in their composition which can be constructed differently. A run-up signal in such systems is extracted digitally.  One of the factors influencing the quality if received information in VDL-2 systems is selection of a technique of run-up signal regeneration.  

The article considers a technique of run-up signal regeneration with use of front reconstruction which is implemented in a hardware-software receiver developed by the authors. Research of CS regeneration principles will enable to conduct a comparative analysis of different techniques of extracting and forming a run-up signal and to apply the hardware-software receiver for further research.

Key words: VDL-2, clock sync systems, Gardner detector, scrambler, quadrature components, hardware-software receiver.

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