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The gyro stabilization of the unmanned aircraft platform for aerial photography and video surveillance

UDC 531.383 BBK 32.816я431(2Рос)

Popov V. M.

The article presents a control algorithm for the servo drives of the gyro stabilized platform for unmanned aircraft vehicle (PUAV) for aerial photography and surveillance on the basis of the data from the 3-axis accelerometer and gyroscope located on the body of the UAV. The implementation of the algorithm using the servo SG90 with a programmable Arduino UNO hardware platform is reviewed.

Keywords: unmanned aircraft vehicle, gyro stabilized platform, micromechanical accelerometer, micromechanical gyroscope.

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A rotor in the field of the daily rotation of the Earth

UDC 629.7.036.3 BBK 22.21

Danilenko N. V.

The author considers peculiarities of interference of a gyro rotor (of a GTE and others) in the field of the daily rotation of the Earth taking into account the azimuth orientation of its axis of rotation in horizontal plane.  The azimuthal characteristic of gyro rotor rundown is given. The author points out the necessity to correct the controlled rotor rundown time at GTE shutdown on the ground.

Key words: gyro rotor, rotor rundown, the theory of spinning tops, the field of the daily rotation of the Earth, the azimuthal characteristic of rotor, air mass transport.

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Vortex conversion with varying height of an air intake above the underlying terrain

UDC 525.7 BBK 9.15

Danilenko N. V.Kirenchev A. G.

The article considers the issue of vortex formation of local gravity flows generated by an anthropogenic outflow (GTE operation on the ground). The vortex classification is analyzed and experimental research ways are determined. The authors suggest conditions for experimental research of vortices influenced by Coriolis force, vortex pairs of air intake case / underlying terrain interference, and a circular vortex of gravity flow / ground interference. The composite design peculiarities of the test installation for researching the vortex range are described.

Key words: local gravity flow, air intake vortices, vortex classification, process of vortex formation, vortex conversion.

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Test diagnostics of the windings of electrical machines using the travelling-wave method

UDC 629.7 BBK 39.56

Shejnikov A. A., Belegov A. N.Rozhok A. V.

The authors developed a diagnostic relation which, when applied in measurement data processing algorithms of  test diagnostic systems of the windings of aeronautic electrical machines, avoids the need to store statistic information about the operational parameters of fault-free and faulty windings thus promoting validity and simplification of the diagnostics technique.

Key words: windings of aeronautic electrical machines, test diagnostics, travelling-wave method.

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Is patriotic education by words, actions and examples?

UDC 37.017.4 BBK 74.58

Barbasheva L. Yu.

The semantic transformation of the concept of Motherland is discussed in the article. The conditions of moral values formation are analyzed. The author appeals to the experience of the patriotic education organization in Irkutsk branch of Moscow state technical University of civil aviation. The author considers educational activities varied in form and content on which patriotic feelings of the students are built and developed.

Keywords: Motherland, patriotic education, patriotism, moral values, a student, citizenship, methods of education, forms of education.

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Military aviation personnel training: historiographic review of literature on the topic published in the period from 1910 to 1991

UDC 94(470) BBK 63.3

Astrakhantsev O. N.

The article provides a historiographical review of literature on the topic “Military aviation personnel training” published in the period from 1910 to 1991. The author gives a brief analysis of the published in this period works, examines how the process of studying this topic was going on, and how it changed in connection with the events taking place in the country and the development of aviation.

Keywords: Air force, aviation, aeronautics, aviation personnel, air fleet, aviation equipment, army, history.

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Transmission of information and communication as a human factor crucial in aircraft maintenance

UDC 656.09 BBK 81.1

Kuznetsova N. B.

In this article is noted that one of the important problem in aviation is language. There is a set of instructions and documentation for the maintenance of aircraft of foreign manufacture which requires specialist with confident language proficiency in aviation English. It’s no secret that aviation and technical English language differs from standard English used for everyday communication. The author considers how to create the conditions and what the procedure need to be to meet all requirements and make a harmonious course of aviation technical English to ensure the proper level of language competence of the personnel involved in the maintenance of aircraft of foreign manufacture.

Key words: aviation technical English, human factor, communication, aircraft maintenance, ICAO scale, proper level of language competence, aircraft of foreign manufacture.

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Gradation as a semantic-syntactical means of sentence organization

UDC 81 BBK 81.1

Portnova T. Yu.

The author proposes that the syntactical level (as well as other levels of a language system) has some linguistic means fixing logic links between outward things. The article deals with the gradation, a semantic-syntactical figure, which causes syntactically equivalent elements to be placed by increase or decrease their semantic magnitude. The analysis of factual material taken from literary works of German-speaking authors proves that the word order has a logic-semantic aspect. 

Key words: gradation, ranking, word order, anthropological linguistics, logic of syntax

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The influence of cylindrical site extent in the nozzle’s minimum section on discharge coefficient

UDC 621.45.02+536.8+519.6 BBK 39.62

Sabirzyanov A. N.Kirillova A. N.

The article deals with the influence of cylindrical site extent in the jet nozzle’s minimum section on coefficient of discharge which was evaluated according to the geometrical characteristics with the modern methods of computing hydrodynamics. It shows the dependences of influence of extent on discharge coefficient for sound and supersonic nozzles at various taper angles. It gives idiosyncrasies of influence of a rounding off upon the transition to the cylindrical site.

Keywords: jet nozzle, discharge coefficient, gas dynamics, modeling.

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Increase of efficiency of airdrome traffic control on the base of receiving the differential corrections by mobile aerodrome vehicles

UDC 621.396.74 BBK 39.571.5

Mezhetov M. A.Turincev S. V.Serebrennikov E. A.Nikitich P. V.

The authors consider the issue of increase of accuracy of satellite positioning of mobile objects within the aerodrome by receiving data from the local augmentation station. The use of a signal of VDL-2 mode with 8-position differentially encoded phase-shift keying can solve the problem. Using the HIL-simulation the diagrams of forming and receiving a signal of VDL-2 mode are synthesized.

Key words: GNSS augmentation system, VDL-2, differentially encoded phase-shift keying (D8PSK), raised cosine filter, tribit, quadrature components.

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