Principles of integration of management systems and safety management systems

DOI 10.51955/23121327_2022_2_6

Nikolai S. Khersonsky

Lyudmila G. Bolshedvorskaya

Abstract. The complication of aircraft maintenance processes in the aerodrome area under the influence of extreme, and often uncontrolled use of unmanned aerial vehicles, jeopardizes aircraft (AC) flight safety, entailing consequences from acts of unlawful interference and terrorist threats, danger to life and public health, environmental changes. This is the purpose of the study, which resulted in a new mechanism for ensuring safety through the development of a management systems integration model (IMS) and a flight safety management system (SMS). Particular attention is paid to the issue of introducing electronic IMS models in combination with SMS, the development of which is built taking into account the requirements of the management system and modern IT technologies that ensure the interconnection of the main, supporting processes and management processes, indicators of management processes, flight safety and parameters of the main business processes with the business characteristics of the aerodrome.

Keywords: Risks, quality, flight safety, integration, integrated management system, Bayesian trust networks, Petri nets.

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