Algorithm of applicability of statistical methods for control, regulation and prediction of output parameters of products

DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2022_4_6

Nikolai S. Khersonsky

Ludmila G. Bolshedvorskaya

Abstract. Logically, the article is a continuation of an earlier study devoted to determining the practical applicability of statistical methods for assessing the compliance of manufactured products with the requirements of regulatory documentation and reflects their application depending on the stages of the product life cycle. The results obtained suggest that the application of this method in various industries (aviation, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, defense, etc.) will significantly improve the quality of finished products, as well as guarantee the operational performance of components manufactured by domestic manufacturers in the format of solving the problem of import substitution.

Key words: flight safety, import substitution, products, quality of finished products and components, non-conforming products.

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