Increasing airfield capacity with the integrated aircraft arrival/departure manager (AMAN/DMAN)

DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2023_3_30

Alexander Yu. Knyazhsky

Alexander P. Plyasovskih

Alexander V. Tarasenko

Abstract. The article proposes a method for increasing the capacity of an aerodrome and reducing the average delay of arriving / departing aircraft by optimizing the queue of them, taking into account the specified minimum allowable time intervals between aircraft, depending on their weight categories of movement stages (take-off landing). An analysis of the effectiveness of this method was carried out, for the evaluation of which a stream of events (departures and arrivals) with a Poisson distribution was used. The dependences of the average delays of departures and arrivals on the flow intensity of departures and arrivals are estimated as well as the potential for increasing the aerodrome capacity by this method. The effectiveness of the departure control system was compared in terms of absolute priority for arriving aircraft and in terms of the equal priority for arriving and departing aircraft. It is shown that an integrated arrival/departure manager with the equal priority for departing and arriving aircraft is more efficient than with absolute priority for arriving aircraft.

Key words: AMAN, DMAN, air traffic control, departures, arrivals, ATC AS, capacity.

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