Determination of the necessary quantity of spare parts to maintain the performance of devices

DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2023_3_6

Nikolai S. Khersonsky

Ludmila G. Bolshedvorskaya 

Abstract. The paper is a logical continuation of a series of publications devoted to solving problems aimed at managing the process of assessing the production of non-conforming products through the use of statistical methods. This paper presents mathematical models for determining the required quantity of spare parts for devices consisting of a large number of identical units and assessing the dependence of the quantity of spare units on the number of operating devices and repair teams servicing them. The developed mathematical models are universal and can be used for any industry: aviation, atomic, chemical industry, etc.

Key words: mathematical model, queuing systems, devices, failure rate, mean time to failure, spare parts, units, repair team.

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