Probabilistic description of wind gusts in the runway area affecting the safety of aircraft flights

DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2023_3_22

Elena I. Trusova

Vitalii D. Rubtsov

Alexandra L. Rybalkina

Abstract. The influence of wind gusts on the safety of aircraft flights is described. The impulse nature of wind gusts is substantiated. Experimental studies of wind gusts carried out with the help of a parametric recording device on an ultrasonic beam and an anemometer are analyzed, and it is shown that wind gusts have an impulsive nature, similar to atmospheric noise envelope emissions. The results of the analytical description of the probabilistic characteristics of atmospheric noise envelope emissions known from the literature are applied to wind gusts on the runway. Characteristics are given for the average duration of wind gusts, intervals between wind gusts and the average duration of intervals, the distribution of the duration of wind gusts, the average number and distribution of maxima of wind gusts.

Keywords: gusts of wind, probabilistic description, flight safety, aircraft, logarithmically normal model.

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