Theoretical articles of film critic R.N. Yurenev (1912 – 2002) in the cinema art journal

DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2022_4_132

Olga I. Gorbatkova

Abstract. The presented article analyzes the conceptual views of the famous Russian film critic R. N. Yurenev (1912–2002) in his articles published on the pages of one of the oldest Cinema Art journals on the history and theory of cinema.

The purpose of the article is a comprehensive study of the conceptual views of R.N. Yurenev in the context of the analysis of theoretical articles in the Cinema Art journal in the focus of domestic film studies.

The analysis of the theoretical articles of the film critic R. N. Yurenev in historical, political, socio-cultural focus allows us to determine the range of conclusions. His conceptual views are clearly determined by the socio-cultural and political situation characteristic of the specified historical period. A significant number of theoretical works by R. N. Yurenev are devoted to the study of the problem field of the cinematic landscape, content components and methods, methods of approaches to the study of cinematography. His articles are the reflections of methodological and professional problems: analysis of the theoretical heritage of the classics of Soviet cinema, directing, methodological tools, and professional requirements for film criticism. The articles by R. N. Yurenev combine the broadcast in a single segment of an ideological and professional approach to cinematography.

Keywords: Yurenev, film critic, film critic, film studies, historical context, the Art of Cinema magazine.

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