Enhancing speech skills while teaching foreign language for specific purposes (subject area: tourism)

DOI 10.51955/23121327_2022_2_136

Larisa G. Vikulova

Elena I. Cherkashina

Abstract. The paper deals with the problem of forming communicative speech skills of BA students who study French for special purposes. The relevance of the problem addressed is determined by the current social demand for teaching foreign languages for special purposes at the university level. It is pointed out that the formation of foreign language professional competence of students is possible with the use of authentic materials in the subject area of tourism. It is emphasized that students can maintain their level of professionalism due to the skills of working with authentic sources of information and the ability to participate in international professionally relevant events. It is stated that students’ knowledge of strategies of mastering tourism discourse in a foreign language provides the creation of speech products that meet the requirements of lexical-grammatical cohesion, content logic, structure of an utterance with reliance on professionally relevant texts. It is specified that education programs for undergraduate students have aims directed at mastering all types of speech activity based on professional vocabulary and at skills of professional communication. The research methods are based on fundamental principles of teaching languages for special purposes: authenticity, scientific basis, language means, social demand, and teaching methodology. The research results in the suggested series of exercises that are essential for building speech skills in the process of teaching language for special purposes. These exercises can be used in teaching a foreign language to students of Russian universities within the subject area of «tourism».

Key words: French for professional purposes, student’s professional thesaurus, forming communicative speech skills, subject area “tourism”, texts of flyers.

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