Foreign language teaching for students at school of transport: searching for new approaches

DOI 10.51955/23121327_2022_3_195

Inna V. Senina

Vera B. Merkuryeva

Abstract. This article deals with an overview of the terms “educational technology”, the types of their classifications, briefly presents various teaching methods, as well as results of observations in foreign (English) language classes with students at the Irkutsk National Research Technical University at the School of Aircraft Construction, Mechanical Engineering, and Transport. Teachers summarize their long-term experience, compare it with theoretical research on this topic and offer the innovative educational technologies they use, demonstrating their functioning by examples of their lessons. The authors compare the traditional approach to foreign language classes in a technical university and the modern one, which appeared by new requirements for graduates, specialists who speak a foreign language and use it for professional purposes. The authors pay particular attention to a student-centered approach to learning, which involves a change in the teacher’s role setting and the development of students’ competencies necessary for successful professional activity in the modern labor market.

Keywords: Educational techniques and methods, educational technologies, professional competence, social competence, sociocultural competence, classical method, conceptual method, innovative technologies, teaching terminology, debate strategy, discussions, role-playing games.

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