The content of language education: from the traditional to the humanistic paradigm

DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2023_3_182

Elena M. Kazantseva

Abstract. The article reveals the understanding of the concept of paradigm in the context of the consideration of language education, describes the main paradigms of modern education (including language education): knowledge, competence, humanistic. Within each paradigm, the main changes in the content of language education are presented, taking into account the essence of a particular paradigm. The process of paradigm shift and the reasons for such changes are described. The polyparadigmatism of modern pedagogical science is proved. The factors influencing the necessity of coexistence of different paradigms of modern language education are revealed.

Keywords: the content of education, the content of language education, the paradigm of education, the paradigm of language education, polyparadigmality.

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