Conflicts in the gift presentation in the Chinese linguoculture

UDC 395.83 BBK 26.890

Chibisova O. V., Vasilyeva A. A.

The ability to avoid or solve a conflict is highly essential in modern society. In a social way, a conflict is a type of a disharmonious communication which does not exist out of the communicative situation. A conflicting communicative situation can be classified according to its direction, intention, and result. A speech conflict has a highly complicated structure: ripening, maturing, peak, decline and resolution. The last phase can result into a solved conflict and unsolved one. The analysis of three conflicting situations in the Chinese linguoculture indicted the reasons of conflicts. Knowing these reasons may be useful in cross-cultural communication of representatives of other linguocultures with the Chinese.

Key words: aggressive speech, unsolved conflict, solved conflict, cooperation strategy, confrontation strategy.

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