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The application of the contrastive analysis in teaching Russian-English translation to the students of the Asian-Pacific region

UDC 372.881.111.1 BBK 74.58

Antonova A. B.

Contrastive analysis has a great educational potential. However it is quite difficult to use it in teaching Russian-English translation to the students of the Asian-Pacific region due to the problem of three contacting languages’ interaction (two foreign languages: Russian and English and the learners’ native languages); it’s quite problematic and painstaking to reveal all the similarities and the difficulties of the elements of these non-related languages’ systems.

Key words: contrastive analysis, students of the Asian-Pacific region, Russian-English translation, contacting languages

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Training of motor mechanics in the context of the SVE third-generation FSES

UDC 377.131.14:629.083 (094) BBK 033-08я723-1

Nikitina E. A.., Nadtochij S. B.

The article is devoted to the issues of students’ training in specialty 23.02.03 Maintenance and repair of automobile transport within the secondary vocational education. Training of motor mechanics in the context of the SVE FSES with the use of context and dual educating technologies contributes to deep possessing professional competences, searching the ways of solving different professional problems in challenging manufacturing situations and, which is the most important, stirs interest in future occupation.

Key words: motor mechanic, secondary vocational education, SVE FSES, context and dual educating technologies, possessing professional competences, professional problems, students, industrial training.

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Records of the results of pedagogical monitoring in organization of educational activities in the modern college

UDC 377.5 BBK 74.214.22

Nikitina E. A., Korobtsov A. Y., Vereshсhakov I. E.

An important part of practical training within the professional module PM.03 “Methodological support of the training process and pedagogical guidance of a group of students in professions of workers (employees)” is organization and carrying out pedagogical monitoring. This allows to create the competencies needed in the future professional activity of training officers.

In the course of many years’ training officers’ work, teachers of the Irkutsk College of Automobile Transport and Road Construction to organize teaching practice of students (specialty 44.02.06 Professional Education) ‒ a huge experience of carrying out pedagogical monitoring with the participation of trainees has been gained. In the process of implementation of the tasks of the pedagogical monitoring, they do not only provide diagnosis, evaluation and forecasting of the pedagogical process, but also they take into account the results of the organization of educational activities in the College. Presentation of the experience of the joint activities through the eyes of students will contribute to the further improvement of the pedagogical process in the field of teaching training officers.

Key words: pedagogical monitoring, training officer, education, teaching, pedagogical culture, vocational training, diagnosis, assessment, forecasting, pedagogical process.

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Modern communication channels in society life

UDC 659.4 BBK 76.0

Nakonechnyh V. N.

The communication environment in the world and, in particular, in Russia, is exposed to radical restructurings: new communication channels which, in turn, change model of communication and the transmitted data characteristic arise and attract a large number of the participants, caused by the technological progress.

Keywords: communication, communication channels, information, digital content, communication environment, message.

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Conflicts in the gift presentation in the Chinese linguoculture

UDC 395.83 BBK 26.890

Chibisova O. V., Vasilyeva A. A.

The ability to avoid or solve a conflict is highly essential in modern society. In a social way, a conflict is a type of a disharmonious communication which does not exist out of the communicative situation. A conflicting communicative situation can be classified according to its direction, intention, and result. A speech conflict has a highly complicated structure: ripening, maturing, peak, decline and resolution. The last phase can result into a solved conflict and unsolved one. The analysis of three conflicting situations in the Chinese linguoculture indicted the reasons of conflicts. Knowing these reasons may be useful in cross-cultural communication of representatives of other linguocultures with the Chinese.

Key words: aggressive speech, unsolved conflict, solved conflict, cooperation strategy, confrontation strategy.

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Methodology to form media competence of the secondary language personality

UDC 37.022 BBK 74.58:73

Khlyzova N. Yu.

The article deals with the research of issues to form media competence of the secondary language personality. It describes methodology including the main approaches, pedagogical principles, methods, means, forms to form the phenomenon.

Key words: methodology, media competence of the secondary language personality, competence-based approach, principle, method.

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«The three dark kings» by Wolfgang Borchert: a Christmas story?

UDC 82 BBK 83.3(2Рос=Нем)

Kondratenko P. I.

The article carries out an analysis of the Wolfgang Borchert’s short story «The Three Dark Kings» which bears resemblance to the genre of Christmas story not only in its composition but also in motives and images used. However, the genre of Christmas story undergoes significant changes by Borchert.

The demand for defining characteristic features of the Christmas story precisely and unambiguously along with the requirement of tracing the genre history in Russia and in Europe gain an impetus for new comparative and any other literature studies.

Key words: Wolfgang Borchert; Trümmerliteratur; Christmas story; text analysis; motives.

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Modern club youth subcultures

UDC 316.723 BBK 71.07

Ha Dong Jin, Chibisova O. V.

The article examines music and dance youth subcultures (funk and hip-hop) which were formed in the last century and which continue to exist to this day. It uses theoretical developments of scientists and materials of websites. It concludes that the main focus of the music and dance subcultures is contained in their creative and integrative potential.

Keywords: youth subcultures, dance music, club dances, appearance, ideology.

현대 클럽 청소년 하위문화


콤소몰스크아무레, 러시아,

올가 블라디미로브나 치비소바

콤소몰스크아무레, 러시아

본 논문은 지난 세기에 형성되었고 현재까지도 계속 존재하고 있는 펑크족, 힙합과 같은 댄스와 관련된 청소년 하위문화들을 연구하고 있다. 연구를 위해서 인터넷 사이트의 많은 자료들과 학자들의 이론적인 연구들이 사용되었다. 연구에서는 이러한 댄스 하위문화들의 기본적인 성향이 그들의 창조적인 활동과 통합성의 잠재적 능력에 있다고 결론을 맺고 있다.

주제어: 청소년 하위문화, 댄스 음악, 클럽 댄스, 외형적 모습, 이데올로기.

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Creative portrait of the film critic Oleg Kovalov

UDC 791.43/45 BBK 85.374

Dr. Roman Salny

The article discusses the work of film critic, director, screenwriter Oleg Kovalov. The author analyzed his articles and films, the main directions of his creative thought, especially the style and positions. The conclusion identifies the main philosophical ideas.

Keywords: Kovalov, film criticism, media criticism, movies, mythology, mass consciousness, director.

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Social orphanhood in Russia. The necessity to organise mediative services in the centers structure of the public assistance to family and children

UDC 364 BBK 60.5

Ruzal Yu. V.

The article deals with the issues of social orphanhood in Russia. It gives the latest statistical data. It describes the specifics of the phenomenon for our country. It proves the necessity to organize mediative services in the centers structure of the public assistance to family and children.

Keywords: social orphan hood; scheduled maintenance; social work; street children; mediation.

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