The functioning of anthroponyms in the linguo-cognitive internet space based on the forum role-play game “legends of Empya”

DOI 10.51955/23121327_2022_2_109

Andrey G. Fomin

Vladislav. I. Chobotar

Abstract. The cognitive foundations of proper names contain features that allow identifying algorithms and mechanisms for naming and creating a nickname both in real life and in virtual space. This article presents the analysis of characters’ names in the forum role-play fantasy game “Legends of Empya”, reveals the players’ motives while naming characters and describes mechanisms for creating a in-game nickname. The functioning of anthroponyms in the forum role-play game in various communicative situations confirms the importance of correct perception and understanding of names by other players for successful internal communication. The combination of semantic and cognitive aspects of the linguistic picture of the forum role-play game for understanding the functioning of in-game nicknames is a new and promising direction of modern linguistics, and the results of the study complement the existing onomastic theories.

Key words: in-game nickname, name choice motive, name semantics, linguistic picture of forum role-play game, cognitive aspect of communication

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