Abbreviation as a way of concept nomination in the special area of knowledge (on the material of terminological abbreviations of German dialectology)

DOI 10.51955/2312-1327_2021_3_181

Inna V. Senina

Natal’ya I. Mokrova

Natal’ya S. Novolodskaya

Abstract. On the example of abbreviated versions of terms in the field of dialectology of the German language, the article dwells the issue on the main theoretical topics and trends in the development of abbreviation processes. Approaches to the interpretation of the terms “abbreviation” and “shortening” in domestic and foreign literature are being studied. Along with the identification and description of the main types of abbreviations, the problems of abbreviated homonymy and abbreviated synonymy are considered. The names of territorial dialects, in particular, their short forms, are defined as nomenclature designations that are not directly terms but are an integral part of dialectology and therefore belong to the terminological field of the discipline. From the point of view of the formation, development, and consolidation in the use of short forms of terms, the author’s, contextual, disciplinary, and common abbreviations are highlighted.

Keywords: dialectology, dialect, terminology science, terminology, term, concept, abbreviation, shortening.

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