Speech behaviour of Russian media critics (based on their published research works and journalistic articles)*

UDC 81-139 BBK 81.411.2-5

Seliverstova L. N., Levitskaya A. A.

The article presents some research results of prominent Russian media critics’ speech behaviour (K. Razlogov, A. Korochensky, R. Bakanov) based on the method of a modified content analysis of their scientific texts and journalistic articles within the framework of implicit pragmatic linguistics. On the basis of quantitative data the fragments of speech portraits critics’ are compiled. Features of their verbal behavior stemming from individual experiences and speech -related standards of journalistic and scientific genres, as well as based on their personal characteristics, are specified.

Key words: media criticism, media education, speech behaviour, pragmalinguistics, speech strategy, speech portrait.

* This article is written within the framework of a study supported by the grant of the Russian Science Foundation (RSF). Project № 14-18-00014 “Synthesis of media education and media criticism in the preparation of future teachers”, performed at Taganrog Management and Economics Institute.

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