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Pedagogical direction – Docendo docēmur

UDC 378.6 BBK 74.58

Barbasheva L. Yu.

The article offers hindsight at the organizational, educational and research activities of the faculty of aviation radio-electronic equipment (AREA) in Irkutsk higher military aviation engineering school, which persists in the affairs of its teachers and alumni.

Keywords: scientific creativity, continuity, student, civic consciousness, methods and forms of education

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The comparative analysis of image evolution of the pupil in the Soviet and Russian animated films*

UDC 791.43 BBK 85.373(2)

Shahanskaya A. Yu.

This article deals with the hermeneutical analysis of the image evolution of the pupil in a concrete Soviet and Russian animation films. Soviet cartoons represents the pupil as a positive character, or first an underachiever, but as a result followed a correction way. The image of the main character and/or a plot teaches the minor viewer to be honest, hardworking, sympathetic, faithful to friendship, kind, educated, well mannered, strives for knowledge. The negative characters (condemns hooligans and idlers, cowards, etc.) are in the satiric colors.

The modern Russian cartoons quite seldom show an image of the pupil and school. However, there are a number of developing and training animated films today. The few animated films about school and pupils give the main characters who behave freely, assert the rights and freedoms, seldom have highly moral behavior.

A large number of the modern developing animated films of various quality give a message to improve yourself, to enlarge knowledge, but they rarely touch the issues of education, its value, upbringing, principals and morals. Pupils are not common characters of animated film plots.

Keywords: student, pupil, animation, cartoons, school, USSR, Russia, hermeneutical analysis.

* Support and acknowledgement
This article is written within the framework of a study financially supported by the grant of the Russian Science Foundation (RSF). Project 17-18-01001 “School and university in the mirror of the Soviet, Russian and Western audiovisual media texts”, performed at Rostov State University of Economics.

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Organizational and methodical aspects of personnel education for school libraries

UDC 021.3 BBK 78.34

Churasheva O. L.Tretyakov A. L.

The authors of the article make an attempt to highlight the issues of organizational and methodological support for personnel education for school libraries. They also describe the tendencies of development of higher education in the Russian Federation and characterize the innovative pedagogical activity of the Library and Informational faculty of St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Art. The article highlights a new programme of the faculty “Communication activity of public and school libraries”. The organizational and methodological foundations of the two disciplines taught within the programme are presented by the authors. They also note the need for a more detailed study of the development of the innovative educational landscape of higher schools in modern Russia.

Keywords: personnel education, school library, higher education, organizational and methodical aspects, professional competence, innovative activity.

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Threpsology as a necessary component in future trainers education

UDC 37.037.1 BBK 75.0

Odintsova V. I.

This article proves the feasibility of the discipline “Threpsology” which is implemented while preparing bachelors in direction of training “Sports training”. It allows students to acquire knowledge about the basics of nutrition; skills to create proper eating behavior during the training process and competitions; competence in endoecological safety of sports nutrition. The article works out the content of one of the course themes: “The results of the food additive “New Life 1000″ usage basing on a balanced diet”.

Keywords: students, sports training, general threpsology

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Economic expediency of using an air company’s aircraft fleet for a specified net-work of airlines

UDC 656.7.025, 656.032 BBK 65.37, 39.58

Mineeva K. I.Nemchinov O. A.

Проанализирована интенсивность использования воздушных судов авиакомпании на маршрутной сети. Произведена оценка экономической эффективности эксплуатационной деятельности авиапредприятия через расчёт прямых переменных затрат и эксплуатационного дохода по 22 авиалиниям. Выполнено прогнозирование дохода авиакомпании при изменении тарифов в зависимости от сегментации пассажиров. Построена зависимость дохода авиакомпании от характера изменения тарифов.

Ключевые слова: авиакомпания, хаб, эффективность эксплуатации, тариф, маржинальная прибыль.

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Axiological perspective as a constituent of educational environment project

UDC 37.025 BBK 74.04

Kazydub N. N.

The paper ponders the problem of the educational environment axiological perspective. The latter is viewed as a governing parameter of the educational process and as such has to be considered in educational projecs. I argue the methodogical value of the axiological perspective in terms of modelling the teaching-learning process as a value-rooted and value-charged base for developing professional and social competences.

Key words: аxiological perspective; axiological parameter; axiological motive; educational activity; educational route; educational environment; social and professional competences.

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Kinetics of creep fracture of vt-20 titanium planar samples

UDC 629.7.015.4 BBK 39.52

Zabobin V. V.

The article demonstrates the results of experimental research of fracture kinetics for samples made of VT-20 titanium sheets under alternate stresses and at elevated temperatures. Dependences of crack growth rate on load parameters are obtained. The mechanism of regarding the influence of temperature and load non-stationarity on VT-20 fracture kinetics is proposed.

Keywords: kinetics, creep, crack, supersonic transport airplane, SST, titanium alloy.

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On the influence of average technical speed on production cost in the complex of micro auto transport systems of cargo transportation

UDC 656.13 BBK 39.38

Aytbagina A. R.Vitvitskiy E. E.

Task solution has been performed by modeling the object – a substitute of complex of micro auto transport systems. The article considers operational transportations planning by an enterprise – producer when it transports its own construction cargo, for its own account, using its own motor vehicles for its construction sites. The authors obtained functional dependence between the production cost and average technical speed of a vehicle in the accepted variability interval and form of this connection for different production situations. Regression models of production cost obtained by the authors have been checked on adequacy to transportation process under study in the complex of micro auto transport systems of cargo transportation using MS Excel.

Keywords: complex of micro auto transport systems of cargo transportation; average technical speed; a motor vehicle; a consignor; production costs; regression dependence.

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The monuments of cultural heritage of France and their representation in the printed guide

UDC 811.13 BBK 81.471.1

Ablyazova A. R.

The article is devoted to the monuments of the cultural heritage of France and their representation in a printed guide. The establishment of the World Heritage List and the involvement of France in UNESCO are shown. An analysis of the presentation of monuments on the basis of the printed guide and the official site of UNESCO was made.

Key words: monuments of cultural heritage, UNESCO, guide, tourist discourse, French heritage, cultural object.

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Curriculum of media training for senior preschoolers

UDC 373.24 BBK 74.58:73

Chelysheva I. V., Muryukina E. V., Miroshnichenko D. V.

The article deals with the desirability of classes in the media educational society with the senior preschoolers on the material of cartoons. It gives a thematic plan of media educational classes. The gaming technology is considered to be effective at this age. It allows a child to develop creative thinking, critical attitude to the information. The article identifies pedagogical conditions: favorable microclimate; the considering general competencies and the age characteristics of children.

Keywords: senior preschoolers, media educational society, gaming technology, art, cartoons.

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