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The socialization of adolescents with the means of ethno-family pedagogy

Dicheva E.

In the article, based on the traditions of family education and the analysis of modern problems, the author substantiates the possibilities of the family in the social education of teenagers in it by means of ethnopedagogics. The concepts of social competence and ethnopedagogics are considered. The main directions and methods, forms and means of ethnopedagogics used in family education for building humanistic relationships between adolescents and the social environment in the modern era are presented.

Keywords: adolescent, social education, ethno pedagogy, traditions of education, family, family education.

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Experience of organizing a master-class cycle on the development of inter-ethnic tolerance of youth with the help of media education means

Chelysheva I. V.

The article presents the experience of organizing and conducting a series of workshops on the development of interethnic tolerance of youth by means and on the material of media education based on the key theoretical concepts of media education (aesthetic, sociocultural, the development of critical thinking, semiotic, etc.), which are most prevalent in Russia and abroad at the present stage. The author presents and analyzes the methods, forms, technologies and approaches of media education aimed at developing interethnic tolerance of students from domestic and foreign media education which can be a promising basis for further successful development in Russian conditions.

Key words: media education, interethnic tolerance, media competence, media culture, student youth.

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Social media’s impact on the values of upper school students

Lozanova L.

Young people are active users of social media, not only in Bulgaria but also in the world. In this article results from research on the way social networks influence the values of upper school students from Shumen, Bulgaria are discussed. 

Keywords: social media, networks, values, students.

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Preliminary assessment of tracking the autopilot signals by the active controls on a civil aircraft

Savel’ev A. S.

Neretin E. S.

The main purpose of civil aviation is to provide economical, reliable and safe flying. The integrated (fly-by-wire) control system and autopilot system are among the most important aircraft systems. The fly-by-wire control system includes, among other things, controls in the cockpit – yokes (Boeing) and side sticks (Airbus, Irkut, Sukhoi). The side sticks are nowadays a priority in cockpit controls development due to increase of cost-effectiveness compared to the yokes. The rigidly connected yokes provide force feedback for the pilots both in automatic and in manual control modes.   When using the side sticks the pilot has no force feedback because there are no mechanical connections. This has a negative influence on flight safety.  To solve the problem active side sticks are being developed and implemented nowadays. The active side sticks are not certified for any large civil airplanes. The aim of the paper is to give a preliminary assessment of safety of tracking the autopilot signals by the active stick in accordance with   SAE ARP 4761 and SAE ARP 4764A recommendations.

Key words: active controls, control systems, flight safety, fault tree analysis, assessment of functional hazards.

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The reflection of cultural specificities and differences in the interpretations of chinese basic characters

Tatarenko T. V.

The article concerns with approaches to the interpretation of Chinese basic characters by Xu Shen and by a number of modern linguists. There is realized comparative analysis of interpretation of basic characters in the “Shuo wen jie zi” dictionary and interpretations based on new linguistic information. It attempts to make a complex analysis of diachronic and synchronic interpretations through the prism of Ancient China’s cultural specificities.

Key words: Xu Shen, Shuo wen jie zi, interpretation, Chinese basic characters, Chinese radical, the Han Dynasty era.

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The role of grammatical means in the creation of the image of Joan of Arc by Charles Péguy

Dubnyakova O. A.

Ivanova A. G.

The article presents a study of the image of Joan of Arc in the work “Mystery of the Charity of Joan of Arc” by a French writer Charles Péguy (1873-1914), poet, playwright and journalist; as well as the important role of the grammatical means used by the writer to create the image of the Maid of Orléans.

Keywords: anticlericalism, Joan of Arc, French grammar, Christian literature, Charles Péguy, socialism.

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Coronavirus as a source of media manipulation

Fedorov A. V.

Levitskaya A. A.

Novikov A. S.

The authors of the article offer the following media technology that resists manipulation: 1) the audience should understand that any ambiguous event (the more so, the current coronavirus epidemic) is instantly surrounded by false or conspiracy rumors, accusations, speculations, false news; 2) to help the audience to understand how exactly the preliminary engagement of a person influences what and how he searches, accepts, spreads in the media sphere (and in the circle of personal communication); 3) teach the audience not only to get media information from different sources, but also to compare different points of view on the problem, rather than to make an instant judgment (often false) about the information just received from an unverified source; 4) help the audience gain experience of qualified analysis of media information coming from a variety of sources reflecting different points of view.

Keywords: media education, CIS countries, media literacy, media competence.

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Hypnotic metaphor as an effective lexical tool in professional business discourse

Racheev N. O.

Kozlova E. A.

The article is devoted to the issues of speech influence and interaction, namely the metaphorical conceptualization of reality and the hypnotic potential of а metaphor in professional business discourse. The review of the literature is devoted to metaphors in psychology and linguistics. The experiment of metaphor application in the sphere of small business management is described. The authors come to the conclusion about the effectiveness of hypnotic metaphor usage in management.

Keywords: linguistic manipulation, hypnotic metaphor, human resources management, communication efficiency, persuasive discourse, hypnosis, trance.

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Federal government policy in the field of prevention of suicides

Sidorova E. Z.

Anti-suicidal state policy refers to the purposeful activities of state and local self-government bodies aimed at combating suicide. One of the levels of state policy in the field of suicide prevention is the Federal level. State policy is manifested in the adopted and implemented legal acts. Analysis of a number of Federal documents aimed at combating suicides showed that many issues at the national level in this area are still not resolved.

Key words: suicide; suicidal behavior; suicide prevention; anti-suicidal measures; suicide prevention levels.

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