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Analysis of diagnostic techniques for aircraft aerometric systems with the use of data recorders

UDK 629.7 BBK 39.56

Shomankov D. A.

Potapov I. A.

Korshak S. A.

The article contains some results of the analysis of diagnostic models and techniques for defining the dynamic errors in indications (measurements) of flight altitude and speed parameters caused by lag (delay) of pressure transmission in the lines of the pitot probe systems. Their essential drawbacks are revealed and the ways of their elimination are defined.

Key words: dynamic error, pneumatic circuit, pressure, temperature, delay, aerodynamic correction, delay coefficient.

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Necessity for regional aviation development in Russia

UDK 351.814.33 BBK 65.37(5Тад)

Knyazhskiy A. Yu.

Plyasovskikh A. P.

Shatrakov N. A.

State of the air transportation industry in Russia and abroad is considered in the article, market trends are identified. Most of the aircraft used in Russia are manufactured abroad. Over the past decades the number of airfields has decreased significantly and the volume of traffic and the number of flights has decreased tenfold. It is proposed to develop regional aviation and modify aviation infrastructure to improve the competitiveness of air transport companies. The cost of tickets can be significantly reduced by laying direct flights between the regions while now flights between many regions can be carried out only through Moscow despite the fact that the passenger traffic is enough for a separate flight.

Keywords: regional aviation, transport, air transportation, infrastructure, air traffic management.

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Development and use of exercise machines for welders’ training

UDK 378.1; 371.3 BBK 74

Kozyrev N. A.

Kozyreva O. A.

The authors define theoretical opportunities of development and use of exercise machines for welders’ training. The concepts “program and pedagogical support of didactic courses”, “program and didactic support of didactic courses”, “pedagogical conditions for welders’ personified training with the use of an exercise machine ” are defined. Pedagogical conditions for welders’ personified training with the use of an exercise machine are specified. Objective results of professional activity are theorized, practice of use of exercise machines for welders’ training is illustrated, qualitative results of exercise machines use activities for welders’ training are shown.

Keywords: model, program and pedagogical support, exercise machine for welders’ training, pedagogical conditions.

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Specific features of media-educational activity in the period of perestroika

UDK 37.013.43 BBK 74.03(2)

Muryukina E. V.

Gorbatkovа O. I.

The article provides the activities of teachers in the field of media education during the perestroika period in the USSR. The study allowed us to formulate the specific features of media education: the backlog of theoretical and methodological foundations of domestic media education from the” challenges “of the time, world trends and experience; “incompatibility” of some theoretical provisions with existing in the period of time practical experience of media teachers; the possibility of referring to Western concepts of media education, which are able to expand the boundaries of understanding the media text, its contexts.

Keywords: media pedagogic, media education, theory, specificity, transformation, USSR, the period of “perestroika”.

* The article was written in the framework of the study with the financial support of the grant of the Russian Foundation for basic research (RFBR). Project No. 19-013-00597 “Transformation processes in Russian media education of the period of “perestroika” performed at Rostov State Economic University. Project Manager – E. V. Muryukina.

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Reduction –based increase of robustness of a neural-net model of gas-turbine engine monitoring

UDK 621.438, 004.855 BBK З363.3, 32.813, 22.18

Novikova S. V.

Kremleva J. Sh.

The article presents a technique of increasing the robustness of a neural-net model of gas-turbine engine monitoring during stand tests due to decreasing the number of insignificant links in the neural network (neural network reduction). The technique is based on converting the problem of neural network learning into that of multi-criteria optimization which includes the error minimization criterion and the criterion of minimizing the absolute values of the weight links of a neural network. The latter requirement leads to reveal of insignificant links which can be deleted without any loss of accuracy. As a result, the ability of the model to summarize increases greatly, robustness increases as well, the calculation error of monitored parameters decreases.

Key words: model robustness, neural networks, stand tests, monitoring of a gas-turbine engine, reduction of a neural network.

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A proposal to modernize the SSJ 100 onboard maintenance system

UDK 629.7.05 BBK 39.56

Cavvina A. M.

The need for an onboard maintenance system on modern civil airplanes is caused by the increasing number of flights and the reducing parking period.  The operation speed of an onboard maintenance system greatly influences the efficiency of aircraft operation, the time to reveal and eliminate a failure being considerably reduced. The flight safety increases as well. The economic expenditures of airlines for additional ground service vehicles are reduced.

Key words: onboard maintenance system, maintenance, SSJ 100, Superjet.

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Library of educational organizations as a space of legal education

UDK 02 BBK 78

Churasheva O.L.

The review characterizes the relevance and social significance of such activities of the library of an educational organization as legal education of students. The structure and content of the monograph are analyzed in detail. The program «School centers of  legal information» developed by the author is characterized. The assessment of the scientific level of the monograph, as well as the practical importance of the publication for teachers and specialists in the field of library and information activities are given.

Key words: legal education, a library of an educational organization, school library, monograph.

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The automation systems of surveillance and control of aerodrome traffic and air traffic management based on ADS-B

UDK 351.814.33 BBK 39.57-5

Knyazhskiy A. Yu.

Plyasovskikh A. P.

Shcherbakov E. S.

An equipment of functional augmentation automatically dependent surveillance-broadcasting are encouraged to include in the automation systems of surveillance and control of aerodrome traffic and automation systems of air traffic control. This augmentation to the equipment complexes allows estimating the error of the coordinates issued automatically by dependent surveillance – broadcasting and to compensate in case of its slow changing. The information from the satellite radio navigation system is not taken into account in case of a rapid change in the error characteristics which are not allowing for sufficiently accurate compensation.

Keywords: SRNS, ADS-B, error, aircraft movement, air traffic control, automation.

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Narrative strategies in modern literature as a way of extending the horizon of meaning

UDK 821.161.1 BBK 83.3

Bezrukov A. N.

Modern literature in the bulk of experiments seeks to achieve a certain harmony between form and content. The meanings of fiction are expanded through copyright strategies. Sergei Dovlatov’s prose is an example of the reduction of meaning in the mode of the auctorial layout of the aesthetic whole.

Key words: auctor, receptive criticism, Sergey Dovlatov, style, meaning, story, aesthetic coordinates.

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Coach preparation of athletes in pre-competition period

UDK 7.092 BBK 75.49

Goloborodko A. Ju.

Muryukina E. V.

The paper deals with the aspects of training coaches which includes psychological support of athletes. Psychological readiness for performances is important which refers to the challenges a coach faces. It is important to perform special psychological training of athletes in the pre-competition period including effective preparation for competitions based on: social values; formation of personal mental support; overcoming psychological barriers. It is important for the coach to teach athletes the techniques of psychological defense, including the restoration of the stability control system, reducing the feeling of anxiety and counteracting it.

Key words: coach-teacher, athlete, pre-competition period, psychological defense, competitive stress.

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