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Coach preparation of athletes in pre-competition period

UDK 7.092 BBK 75.49

Goloborodko A. Ju.

Muryukina E. V.

The paper deals with the aspects of training coaches which includes psychological support of athletes. Psychological readiness for performances is important which refers to the challenges a coach faces. It is important to perform special psychological training of athletes in the pre-competition period including effective preparation for competitions based on: social values; formation of personal mental support; overcoming psychological barriers. It is important for the coach to teach athletes the techniques of psychological defense, including the restoration of the stability control system, reducing the feeling of anxiety and counteracting it.

Key words: coach-teacher, athlete, pre-competition period, psychological defense, competitive stress.

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Basics of coach work on educating athletes’ identity

UDK 796.015.45 BBK 75.1

Muryukina E. V.

The paper is focused on the features of coach work including not only technical and tactical preparation of athletes, but also educational moments. The educational function should be intertwined into work-out sessions. It includes a number of components: the education of indefatigable industry; the education of courage and determination; the education of independence and activity; education of aspiration for tough competitive life, psychological preparation for failures; psychological preparation for the test of fame; psychological preparation of sportsmen for difficulties; psychological preparation for suddenness. Some techniques and methods of training aimed at educating the individual qualities of athletes and their psychological readiness for various situations in workout and competitions are described in the paper.

Key words: work-out session, athlete, techniques, methods, education.

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National and foreign experience of ensuring the safety of the educational environment

UDC 340 BBK 67.5

Z. Sidorova

The article is devoted to theoretical study of the issue of security of the educational environment using various methods and tools. The article presents a classification of such methods and tools. There are examples of informational, economic, criminological, psychological, hygienic, technical, legal methods. The instruments of security of the educational environment are a safety briefing, training employees of educational organizations to act in dangerous situations, the special assessment of working conditions, attestation (certification) of educational organizations and other. Special attention is paid to foreign experience of using various tools of security of the educational environment.

Keywords: public administration, complex security of education, young people, students, educational environment.

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Academic training, job training and pre-diploma practice: the place and role in the training of the future specialists in land and property relations

UDC 377 BBK 74.560

Kozulina L. M.

In the article the author shares his experience of the practical training in the specialty 21.02.05 Land and Property Relations in the «Irkutsk College of Automobile Transport and Road Construction» (SBPEI «ICAT and RC»). 

The author convincingly proves that all types of practice are the most important component in the system of secondary vocational education.

Keywords: professional education, practical training, SBPEI «ICAT and RC», FSES, professional unit, professional competence, shared competence, academic training, job training, pre-diploma practice.

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Ebook as a form and product of the creative activity of the tandem «teacher-student (students)»

UDC 378.147 BBK 74.48

Pulyaevskaya A. M.Akopyan S. A.

The article considers the forms of electronic publications application for the organization of students’ self-study with texts. An overview of simple and accessible tools for creating books is offered.

Keywords: ebook; reading; Internet services; information technologies; children’s creative activity.

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The project-based learning as a strategy to unleash the students’ creative potential

UDC 377 BBK 74.560

Fokeyeva N. N.

The article explores the synthesis of theoretical and practical relationship in the application of project-based learning as a strategy aimed to unleash the creativity of a student. It puts forward the teaching practice, since the goal of this work is the dissemination of the pedagogic best practices, successfully employed in professional interaction with the students of Tulun Agricultural Technical School. The article is based on the project (named) “ Poetry in my life” and sums up the results of this work.

Key words: project-based learning, creativity, innovative technologies, practical experience, students, secondary professional education. 

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Strategic partnership between the university and aviation enterprises as a prerequisite of quality training of graduates

UDC 37 BBK 74.04(3)

Barbasheva L. Ju.Nurpiisova E. M.Sergeeva M. N.

The authors consider approved forms of the strategic partnership between MSTU CA, Irkutsk branch, and aviation enterprises.  The presented research of relevance and employment of graduates contribute to directing to integration with aviation enterprises.

Key words: strategic partnership of the university, relevance of graduates, a student, employment, employer.

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From the experience of organization of students’ independent work using internet services

УДК 378.147 ББК 74.48

Pulyaevskaya A. M., Shvetsova T. V.

The article discusses the possibility of using internet services in the organization of bachelors’ independent work within philological education. The article is devoted to the experience of developing a historical and literary course with the use of technologies to provide students’ independent work on the course “History of foreign literature” (of Realism).

Key words: Internet services; interactive tasks on literature; students’ independent work; philological education.

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The educational capacity of the mathematical olympiad in technical universities

UDC 378 BBK 22.1

Mindeeva S. V.Tolstyh O. D.

The article analyzes the educational capacity of the mathematical Olympiad at the Technical University. The authors consider a comprehensive approach to training students of technical universities to participate in the Mathematical competitions through the experience of the Irkutsk State University of Railway Engineering. This article will help teachers to organize  mathematical Olympiad in high school, and students to prepare qualitatively for the Olympiad.

Keywords: technical University, mathematical Olympiad, non-standard problems, Olympiad collection, educational сараcity.

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Environmental responsibility formation in studying primary general education (from experience)

UDC 373.3 BBK 74.262.01

Nikitina E. A.

The article considers the problem of ecological responsibility formation among the pupils at primary school in the practice of general education organizations in the Shelekhovsky municipal district. The technique of ecological responsibility formation among pupils at primary general education is presented.

Keywords: responsibility, environmental responsibility, pupils, general education organizations, environmental responsibility, environmental responsibility formation.

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