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Environmental responsibility formation in studying primary general education (from experience)

UDC 373.3 BBK 74.262.01

Nikitina E. A.

The article considers the problem of ecological responsibility formation among the pupils at primary school in the practice of general education organizations in the Shelekhovsky municipal district. The technique of ecological responsibility formation among pupils at primary general education is presented.

Keywords: responsibility, environmental responsibility, pupils, general education organizations, environmental responsibility, environmental responsibility formation.

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Music review as interdiscursive text

UDC 811.112.2 BBK 81.432.4

Erman V. A., Ermakova A. V.

The article investigates the problem of discourse structure of music reviews by example of German reviews. The article is devoted to the linguistic analysis of various types of interdiscursive relations between reviewer’s discourse and discourse of music composition / music event in music reviews.

Key words: discourse; interdiscursivity; music review; reviewer’s discourse; discourse of music composition / music event.

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Features of the modern stage of airport air service development

UDC 656.7 BBK 39.51

Shutova T. A.

The article describes the current state of the airport air service industry in Russia. The author defines the stages of the development of the airport air service market on the basis of the retrospective analysis. The article considers the main legal forms of investment attraction to the airport infrastructure public-private partnership, concession, contract lifecycle. The author shows the features of the competition among airports for the status of the hub, and among the Russian airport holdings at the modern stage of the airport business development.

Keywords: airport air service market, airport holdings, airport business, air transport hubs, networking air carriers.

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Selfie — dependency or new art?

UDC 316.77:001.8 BBK 60.55.325.1:60.55.57

Chelysheva I. V.

This article analyzes the main historical aspects of the development of photographic art, trends and prospects of the study of the phenomenon of self in the context of media education. The author examines the role of the self in the modern younger generation and the potential of the research of this phenomenon.

Keywords: media, media culture, photography, self-media education.

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Concerning the methods of reloading breakbulk cargo on railway warehouses

UDC 656.073 BBK 39.28

Urmanova Z. A.

The freight flow of breakbulk cargo processed at railway warehouses is analyzed. On the basis of the analysis, a simplified mathematical model is justified, in which the entire diverse range of goods is split into the following three groups of reloaded breakbulk cargo – through the main storage areas, sorting and temporary storage areas, and directly from one mode of transport to another.

Key words: warehouse; storage area; breakbulk cargo; reloading.

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The experiences of holding of the qualifying World Skills championship on the basis of NTSSPI (branch) RSVPU on the competence of secondary and high school teacher

UDC 377.3 BBK 74.5

Trubina Z. I.

The article focuses on the experience of holding of the qualifying World Skills championship on the basis of Nizhniy Tagil State Social Pedagogical Institute (branch) of Russian State Vocational Pedagogical University on the competence of secondary and high school teacher in November 9-11, 2017. Today this competition is known throughout the world and it was attended by University students as participants, professionals, teachers, tutors as compatriots who assessed the tasks.

Keywords: WorldSkills, championship, secondary school teacher, high school teacher, competences, toolbox.

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Characteristics of socially dangerous youth subcultures

UDC 373.24 BBK 74.03(0)

Kondranin Alexander, Sidenko Andrey

The article deals with the characteristics of the main socially dangerous youth subcultures, which are currently common: skinheads; punks; emo; goths. The skinhead movement is based on the feelings of aggression, cruelty and violence. Punks are related to a socially dangerous movement because of the provocative style of dress, musical tastes and shocking behavior. Scientists consider goths and emo to be the most dangerous. The negative impact of these subcultures on adolescents and young people is noted by modern Russian researchers, since their ideology is based on the cult of death.

Key words: socially dangerous subcultures, youth, teenagers, influence, punks, emo, goths, skinheads.

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Promising fasteners for aircraft structures of carbon composites

UDC 629. BBK 39.48

Sazhin N. A.Sazhin A. N.

The authors consider benefits and drawbacks of existing (traditional) fasteners (metal rivets) for airframes built with application of carbon composites.  Schematic designs of promising patented fasteners (PCM rivets) and patented technologies of their mounting in aircraft structures, experimental full-size designs of the fasteners of polymeric composite materials (carbon composites) providing improvement of their mounting are given. 

Key words: fasteners, mounting, rivet, carbon composite, polymeric composite material, blind riveting, aircraft structures.

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Analysing of the effects of experimental work on the theme «Developing students’ life-purpose orientations in a technical college»

UDC 371.321 BBK 74.00

Savel’eva D. V.

The organizations of vocational secondary education are an environment where the students receive not only special knowledge and skills, but also a certain worldview, life attitudes, related with their future professional activity. The problem of life-purpose orientations is the reason of experimental work. This issue is caused by the reform of educational system, where the vocational organizations play an important role. At present their main purpose is to develop the future specialist both a subject of his own education and a subject of his own life strategy.

Key words: experiment, life-purpose orientations, college students, fiction.

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Changing the content of professional education as the factor to improving the quality of specialists training (from the experience of “ICAT and RC”)

UDC 377.35 BBK 74.56

Kryzhanovskaya E. S., Rusanov A. A.

The article is devoted to the experience of changing the content of vocational education in training specialists for the transport industry in the context of introducing the content of professional standards and the competency component of WorldSkills Russia. He ascertains the elements of the effectiveness of such implementation in the aspect of improving the quality of the formation of the professional competencies of college graduates.

Key words: Worldskills, professional standards, labor functions, labor actions, demonstration exam.

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