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Mediacompetence as a necessary condition of successful communication in virtual speech environment

UDC 378.225 BBK 74.5

Ivanova L. A., Verbitskaya O. M.

The article deals with one of the most burning issues of modern higher education – media competence’s forming and development in the sphere of foreign language teaching.

Key-words: media education, media literacy, mediatized socializing, foreign language communication, intercultural interaction.

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Types of work with the French language colouratives at different studying stages (from work experience)

UDC 378.016 BBK 74.5

Fofin A. I.

This article deals with the use of colouratives (words describing colour) in teaching French on different language levels (basic, intermediate, advanced). These exercises make vocabulary learning more effective and improve skills in a system of general education.

Key words: colouratives, types of work with colouratives, techniques of teaching French, using colouratives on different educational levels, practising colouratives

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Ferdinand Wrede and Victor Maximovich Zhirmunsky: correspondence on the German dialectology and lingvoetnography

UDC 811.112.2 BBK 81.20

Puzeikina L. N.

This article is based on a paper, read at the 43rd International Philological Conference at the St. Petersburg State University, timed to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the birth of the famous German linguist, Ferdinand Wrede. The main area of Wrede’s interest was the German dialectology and dialectography. Being the successor of George Wenker, Wrede had a significant influence on the development of the German dialectological atlas. Wrede’s dialektographical studies had a significant impact on the well-known Russian philologist Viktor Zhirmunsky, who conducted collecting and research activities in German colonies in the USSR in 1920s. Presented in the paper, fragments of two scientists’correspondence refer to this period and reveal the origins of some V. M. Zhirmunsky’s ideas concerning research in the German settlements in the USSR.

Key words: V.M. Zhirmunski; epistolary heritage; correspondence; dialectology; German dialects; German colonies in Russia; Ferdinand Wrede; Der Deutsche Sprachatlas; DSA

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Stages of development of law education in Russia

UDC 378.634(470+571)”17/20” BBK 74.03

Ostapovich I. Iu., Musinov P. A.

This article considers main stages of development of law education at high school in Russia starting from the 18th century to the present days. This period is characterized by the intensive intergration of Russian education into the global cultural and educational space.

Key words: law education, Academy of Sciences, law schools, the Bologna process, examples of law education at high school

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To a question of powers of the Constitutional court of the Russian Federation in the rule-making sphere

UDC 342.565.2 BBK 67.300

Ostapovich I. Iu.

In article experience of the constitutional control in foreign countries and possibility of use of their powers in practice of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation is analyzed. Powers of Committee of the constitutional supervision are investigated. It is offered that some of them gain today special relevance regarding investment of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation with them. Practice of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation is analyzed where it is specified that granting to the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation of powers on implementation of preliminary constitutional control of drafts of the laws establishing or strengthening criminal, administrative or other types of responsibility looks positive. Besides, elements of preliminary constitutional control could play a positive role regarding elimination of «excess rule-making».

Key words: Constitutional court of the Russian Federation, power, preliminary constitutional control, «excess rule-making».

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Farm-oriented school as a condition for the individual efficiency formation

UDC 373.1.013 BBK 74.200.52

Nemirich T. N.

The article considers the perspectives of the country school development and discusses the importance of the labour education. The author explains the specific life of the country people which value is agriculture labour. The Kulish school developed a system of labour education according to A. S. Makarenko’s traditions. Such a system made it possible to involve all pupils into a process of the co-operative activity, particularly, into farming.

Key words: labour education, social competence, country school, teenager, industrial activity, the Makarenko’s heritage, farm, employment assistance, ecology, moral culture.

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Methodical bases of the formation of primary school pupils’ communicative competence in the Buryat language

UDC 371 BBK 74.2(2Рос.Бур)

Sodnomov S. Ts.

В данной статье рассматриваются особенности формирования коммуникативных умений учащихся начальных классов, при этом особое внимание уделяется анализу методологических подходов бурятских лингводидактов по проблеме развития речи младших школьников на бурятском языке.

Ключевые слова: младший школьник, речь, устная речь, развитие речи, методологические основы, умение, коммуникативные умения, методические исследования, формирование.

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Ниитэлэл бага наһанай һурагшадай харилсаанай шадабари бүрилдүүлгын онсодо зорюулагданхай, тиихэдээ онсо анхаралаа буряад лингводидактнуудай эхин һургуулиин һурагшадай хэлэлгэ хүгжөөлгын ажалнуудай шүүмжэлгэдэ зорюулагданхай.

Тулгалха үгэнүүд: бага наһанай һурагшад, хэлэлгэ, аман хэлэлгэ, хэлэлгэ хүгжөөлгэ, методологическа үндэһэнүүд, шадабари, харилсаанай шадабари, методическа шэнжэлэлгэнүүд, бүрилдүүлгэ.

Competition that did not live up to expectations

UDC 94(47+57)”19″ BBK 63.3(2)6

Sverlik G. I.

This article examines the Soviet government attempts to turn the competitive nature of workers and peasants into a tool to increase their working capacities. The decreasing competitive effectiveness of the socialist system and its subsequent replacement with the capitalist free-market system is noted as an inevitable process.

Key words: competition, military communism, working discipline, stimulation,

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Law education as a source of democratization in society

UDC 37.06 BBK 74.4

Malykh T. A.

This article is devoted to the actual problem of law education at school. The author focuses on the institution of the Children’s Rights in educational organizations. The author also proves the idea that the formation of citizen’s legal qualities starts in educational settings. The need for legal training for all educators and pupils is clarified.

Key words: legal training; education; Children’s Rights Commissioner; formation of civil society; humanistic education

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